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July 01 2016

Directed by Steven DeKnight, Universal announces 'Pacific Rim 2' release date. Produced by Thomas Tull, Guillermo del Toro and Mary Parent, the sequel will hit theaters on Feb. 23, 2018.

Loved the original and excited for the sequel.

Independence Day 2, Battleship2, Pacific Rim 2, PootiTang2.
OK, Move it along. Nothing to see here.
I loved the first one and am more than happy to see a sequel directed by DeKnight starring Boyega! Bring on 3&4 as well.
If only there was a Pootie Tang 2! Sa da tay!
Finally, after all the guessing.

I enjoyed the first one, but wished the original cast would return. I guess there is still hope. Boyega is a great choice nonetheless.
With DeKnight at the helm, maybe the sequel will not be as dumb as the first one.
Actually, the first had bad acting and plot. I still liked the base of the show. I'm game!

I loved the first one. Rocket punch!

Unfortunate that del Toro chose deliberately to simplify the characters (into cliches) and the plot, but he was worried the movie already had too much going on. Hopefully DeKnight can develop the story a bit, without confusing the audience and without losing the goofy genre love that permeates the first movie.

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