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July 07 2016

SciFi Now's top five greatest sci-fi series ever created. Is Firefly on the list? Yes. Will this give us something to talk about as we wait for any kind of news coming out of Comic-Con? Might do.

Why did I read that as commie con?
Gotta get some sleep.
As much as I love "Firefly", with less than a full season it barely qualifies as a tv series - let alone one of the five greatest sci-fi shows ever. To rank it over "Babylon 5" is ridiculous. I'd rather nominate "Dollhouse", which in the very least got to tell a complete story. Not sure if it belongs in the Top 5, though. Probably not.
Besides "B5", the only other show I'm sure about is "Doctor Who". Everything else I have either not seen/watched in full ("Star Trek", "The X-Files", "BSG", "Farscape", ...), or I wouldn't even dream about including it on such a list ("Fringe", "Terminator", ...).
Orphan Black is earning its place on these lists. And yes, @Sahjhan, leaving out Babylon 5 is insane.
Five relatively modern series, or the five best that we think current readers will recall in recent memory. (No Twilight Zone? gtfo.)

And I may be alone in this opinion, but the rebooted BSG, while certainly better than the poorly-budgeted original, just really wasn't all that great. I enjoyed the storylines that focused on the Cylons and their motivations, but the stories involving the humans seemed like garden-variety soap opera moved to a different setting. And I was greatly disappointed when Caprica was canceled, because the origin story of the Cylons seemed like ripe territory for interesting stories.
Based on the three seasons I've seen over the past twelve years, I can - with a careful amount of certainty - say that you are not [alone].
Star Trek
Doctor Who
The Twilight Zone
Battlestar Galactica - The reboot

That's it.
The Twilight Zone, Doctor Who and Star Trek are musts for a list like this. Babylon 5 probably deserves to be on there too.
@tomg, I was disappointed that Caprica didn't make it. Loved the exploration of identity and what makes us human. It had so much potential. I don't know why we don't see Orphan Black mentioned more often on lists like these. Maybe it's still too new.
Really liked the new Battlestar Galactica - much better than the original - up until the last season, and that pretty much tanked.

The original Star Trek is one of my all-time favorites, and I liked the first couple seasons of Enterprise, the other series not so much, and Next Generation? Just... No.
As with most of these lists, it favours the sci-fi that deals with space travel and whatever lies beyond our planet. The exploration that looks outward. I tend to be much more drawn to sci-fi that looks inward, which is why I loved Dollhouse and Caprica and the cylon identity politics in Battlestar Galactica. Orphan Black's the show that ticks all the boxes for me, including its excellent character development and entertainment value. It also really sticks out because the science part is all biology rather than physics/technology as is most common. Maybe that's why it gets left out.
Does no one else feel like Orphan Black has gradually gone off the rails? Although to be fair, so did Battlestar Galactica and The X Files.

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