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July 07 2016

Brian K. Vaughan talks about being influenced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Buffy Season 8 writer also chats about his comic book 'Saga', diversity, and fixing injustice in the comic book industry.

"Runaways" was great. They should make a cartoon out of it. I also read the first TPB of "Y: The Last Man", but didn't like it at all.

I find it interesting that he talks about "Buffy" episodes ending on cliffhangers. That was never my impression. Occassionally, sure. But in general there are other shows (like "Alias" or "24"), that come to mind.
Y: The Last Man, Runaways, Saga, and Paper Girls are all among my favorite comics. (Haven't gotten around to Ex Machina yet.) Also loved his arc of Buffy season 8.

"You’ve won praise for Saga’s lack of straight, white males." You know, I'm enthusiastically in favor of greater inclusiveness and diversity in every aspect of our culture, but I hope we aren't getting to a point where "straight, white male" is going to be considered a dishonorable or inferior thing to be. The better phrase would be, "you've won praise for Saga's focus on characters who are not just straight, white males."
As a straight, white male I tend to agree. As a straight, white male I actually prefer to consume stories about straight, white people (females more than males, though). Not exclusively, but primarily.
Obviously, other people will have their own preferences, perhaps wishing for characters with different characteristics. Nothing wrong with that. It makes me wonder, though, why so often this apparently needs to be communicated in a way where one rather wishes for (or even demands) characters to not be a certain type (A), instead of being a certain type (B). I find statements like "Great, more white people...yawn!" to be somewhat offensive*. But while they get accepted - perhaps even celebrated - you would get your virtual ass kicked, should you ever say the same about people of a different race. It's a double standard and it's getting less and less pretty.

*"Offensive" in regards to the double standard. I couldn't care less if somewhat doesn't want to watch white folks on tv and talks about it on the internet. Go right ahead. It only becomes problematic if it's not allowed to go in both ways - the way true equality always needs to do.
I love to see characters, including lead characters, of all races and ethnicities and genders and gender identities. But that doesn't have to be at the expense of others. Equality is not a loss... or shouldn't have to be.

But BKV gets it, even if the interviewer was clunky with the phrasing. His stories are inclusive without being exclusive, which is the way it should be.
I love BKV! Everything he's ever done! Is he writing Buffy now? I might start reading again!
He hasn't written for Buffy since his "No Future For You" arc (about Faith and Giles) early in season 8. Right now he's working on two series, Saga and Paper Girls, both of which are in the top 5 sellers among non-Marvel/DC comics.
Vaughn's awesome. In addition to Saga, Paper Girls, Runaways and Y being killer series, he did some good t.v. work on LOST back in the day. And he was wise enough to jump off the Under The Dome ship after one season.

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