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July 07 2016

Think you know your Buffy The Vampire Slayer season finale episodes? Well do you? You might think you do.

One or two questions may seem a bit off.

Huh, 19/21. Did forget the Whistler bit and what are they thinking with that tube stop question. Huh.

But the grave stone inscription question bothers me because I know the punctuation is off in the correct answer and it really bothers me. Because the punctuation is important. Greatly.
Is it true that Spike was originally looking to get his chip out? I thought that was just audience misdirection - I could have sworn he said some stuff in season seven that implied that the soul had been his goal the whole time. Though to be fair it has been a while since my last rewatch.
I thought at the time he wanted his chip out. But with hindsight I can see why he wanted to get his soul back. It was a great cliffhanger regardless. I think Jane Espenson said Spike getting his soul back was always the intention.
Their answer to the question about Spike's soul is wrong. He was never trying to remove his chip. I'm pretty sure it's confirmed in one of the commentaries or special features.
20/21 and I'm not entirely sure which one I didn't guess correctly...
The chip was confirmed as a misdirect, the quiz is just wrong.

"Spike's quest was, and ALWAYS WAS, to get his soul restored for Buffy, despite any misleading leaks we may have put out that you fell for." - David Fury on the Bronze Beta, 11/19/02

"Spike looked into his soul at that moment [the attempted rape], and saw the demon in him, and that's what made him want to go get a soul .... We did a big ole mislead on you all, where we wanted you to think he gonna go get the chip out. We knew, the whole time, from the very beginning he was gonna go get a soul. And when he says I want Buffy to have what she deserves, he means a lover with a soul." - Jane Espenson, Buffy writer
Radio interview on the Succubus Club, 5/22/02

Moderator: "At the end of the finale, I thought Spike wanted to get the chip out, not get his soul back?"
Joss Whedon: "Noooo.... but you were meant to think that. I personally devised something called a plot twist."
At the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences panel "Behind the Scenes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer," 6/18/02

I'm a little disappointed in myself. I missed number 1 (how many episodes in season 1) and number 9 (what did Mayor Wilkins say they were celebrating besides graduation day).

Also, agreed that the quiz gets the Spike thing wrong ... though I definitely thought that was his intention until season 7, so I can see how someone would misinterpret it.
20/21. The Spike question was wrong.
They were also wrong that Wesley and Cordelia only kissed once. They also kissed on his first episode on Angel.
19/21 and "Not bad, need a refresher" it says? I thought that was pretty good for not watching any of the seasons for awhile. Oh well.
I never doubted that Spike wanted his soul back at the end of season 6. That's what trials are for in most stories usually, for redemption. There's a path that the hero pursues, he goes through hell and back in order to grow.

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Spike also mentioned towards Angel that he [Spike] "fought for his soul".

21/21. I had figured they were looking for the wrong answer at #17.
Fun quiz, but the Spike's soul question is definitely wrong and the question about Wesley and Cordelia's kiss basically gives away the answer by showing them in the library. I also thought the question about who appears in all of the dreams in Restless was borderline - technically Buffy is a "presence" in all four.
Got 'em all, but a couple were lucky guesses. (Like which Sappho poem Willow writes on Tara.) I knew the Spike answer was wrong but figured that's what they were going for.
19 of 21. Missed the Whistler question and the tube stop question. Time to re-watch.
Weren't Buffy AND the first slayer in all of their dreams??

Willow: (at least) backstage and in the classroom
Xander: (at least) "way ahead of you, big brother" in the sandbox
Giles: (at least) at the carnival
Buffy: It was her dream, so she was there throughout!

The quiz also overlooked that the Cheese Man was in all the dreams, too.
20/21 - but it's their bad for getting the Spike's soul answer wrong.
Buffybot, you're completely right~ Buffy, the First, (and yes, ManEnough), the Cheese Man are all in every dream. Were they expecting people to distinguish between the First as a "presence" and Buffy as a "person"? Because that makes no sense to me.

There was never any implication that Spike's intention was to "return to his evil ways."

And yes, the punctuation in their quotation of the grave stone is wrong.

So I guess the quiz creators got 18/21 and "need a refresher" themselves! Heh.

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20/21. Missed the spike question because its WRONG.:(

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