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July 08 2016

Joss Whedon will be doing a panel at Comic-Con. It's the traditional "Dark Horse: Conversations with Joss Whedon" event . This will be on the Friday at 3.45pm in Hall H.

Who is going to be in the room where it happens?

(It's on repeat in my head)
Wow, they got him Hall H again....

As he'll be there, it also means it's very likely that Joss is doing another Conversation with a Cause with at NerdHQ, as he's done every year since its inception, even that year he wasn't allowed to leave London.

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Dark Horse has also announced signing schedule, including two Joss signings, one by himself, another along with Alan and Nathan, which might interest those who are attending this year.
Who is going to be in the room where it happens?

San Diego- you've kept me from the room where it happens, for the last time.

(I've also had that whole album on repeat in my head)
I'm assuming y'all are referring to the song from Hamilton?
Yes my entire vocabulary is now a mish-mash of Buffy & Hamilton quotes comprehensible only to those closest to me.

Looking forward to hearing reports on this. Can't wait to find out what he's working on now!
Finally had time to listen to The Room Where It Happens, while in the middle of reading an interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda. It's getting a bit Meta in here ....

anyway, I so wish *I* could be in the room where it happens at ComicCon, but I'll be sure to watch it all on YouTube.
When Joss mentioned earlier that he couldn't finish his musical because he could only hear Hamilton, I now understand what that meant.

I'll have to watch the panel on YouTube as well, but I'm willing to wait for it...

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