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April 12 2004

TV GUIDE's Matt Roush answers questions concerning Angel and Wonderfalls.

I've got a good question (I think). Can we contact people at the Nielsen ratings? Start a barrage of emails or postcards to them telling them they are an archaic method of gauging the American audience and that we want a Nielsen box in OUR homes so we can prove people watch actual GOOD tv like Wonderfalls and Angel????!!!
Even Nielsen realizes that their data-gathering methods are flawed and outdated, and they're planning on rolling out changes soon. But ratings aren't the only thing to blame for the cancellation of these shows. As stated in the column, Angel's ratings were better, but the show is still not coming back next season.

And honestly, Nielsen doesn't exist to serve the viewers anyway, so they wouldn't really care.
Making changes to the system is complicated and costly. I doubt we'll see any major changes anytime soon.
Click here to see how Wonderfalls would have jumped the shark eventually if it had not been cancelled.
Actually, the Nielsen folks are feeling a lot of heat about undercounting minorities (blacks and Hispanics), especially in the NY market.

It's not Nielsen. It's the network executives. Who appear to be just a bit south of cretinous.
I know people on the internet who watch Angel but they get it on UPN on THursday, etc. Sometimes it's preempted by sports. How can you measure viewership on a show that is all over the place and even playing on different networks?

All I know is that I watch it and several people I work with are hooked on it. Of course, my affiliate is a loyal one who has it on the time it's suppose to be on.

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