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July 14 2016

Marti Noxon nominated for 'Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series" at the 68th Emmy Awards for her work on 'Unreal'. Other Whedon project alums of note nominated for this year's award include double nominated Sarah Paulson (Serenity), Tom Hiddleston (Avengers), Idris Elba (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Bradley Whitford (The Cabin in the Woods), Constance Zimmer (Agents of SHIELD), Riki Lindhome (Much Ado) and Robert Duncan (BtVS). The Emmy winners will be announced on September 18. Marti talks about the nomination and her current involvement with the show on Vulture.

Yes, calling most people that I listed, alums is clearly a stretch, but serves as useful trivia.

Update: To add Constance Zimmer, who I was pondering whether to include or not. But considering how far I've already stretched the ties, lets just go all the way.

Update 2: Adding the Vulture interview to the post entry.

Update 3: Adding names that I missed from the non-acting categories.

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It's a shame Marti is no longer really involved with UnReal. She is missed.
I thought she was still the showrunner?
Apparently not, she talked about it this interview today.

Youre not with the show anymore. Is that sort of bittersweet?

No, Im still an EP on it, and I may resume a more active role in season two, so well see.

A much delayed award! Marti has deserved this for a long while.

Congrats "Pain and Chains Girl!!"

Marti's writing is still spot on!

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