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July 15 2016

Dark Horse's Buffyverse solicitations for October. Nothing about Season 11 yet, but a Buffy adult coloring book is on the way and confirmation that the short story from the Dark Horse sampler will be collected into the 'Own It' trade paperback.

They might be saving any season 11 news for Comic Con next week.
Not surprising they're pushing it back. Any solicitation for season 11 would pretty much have to spoil the last 2 issues of season 10.
I wondered if they would bring out a Buffy colouring book.
Ha, Simon been predicting this one for ages.
Guess we won't learn about Season 11 before Joss panel on Friday.

Own it is scheduled for Dec, 14. So Season 11 could even be Solicited on November and start before that final collection is actually released.

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Joss is doing a panel?

I guess we'll finally find out what's happening with Twist then.
Dark Horse's "Welcome to the Whedonverse" panel is on Thursday. I'd imagine we'll be getting Season 11 and Twist news then.

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