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July 19 2016

(SPOILER) 'Buffy' comic raises the Slayer stakes with a Season 11. Christos Gage talks to USA Today about what to expect when issue 1 of the new season comes out on November 23rd. And the press release announcing Season 11 (which will be 12 issues long) can be found here.

So it will be solicited in November as I speculated.
It does mentions only one of the titles and the creative team. Wonder if this will be back to one title with the ocassional mini series like season 8 or we will still get a second title for Angel and Faith.
Huh. It's only going to be 12 issues long.
Hmm. I wonder if they're planning to wrap it up, or if they're just switching to more manageable seasons.
12 issues long? Where do you guys see that?
In the accompanying press release. I've added that link to the entry.
I would be happy with 12 issue seasons. It's a great number of issues for a "Maxi Series" and would allow creators more freedom to not get locked into something. While I adore Gage and Issacs, I would also love to see some material written by other writers as well (Vaughn, Jane, Joss himself).
It does describe it as "a story thatís shorter, bigger, more epic" so I wonder if we will get more pages per issue.
I'm okay with a 12 issue season if that means we're getting a season 12 soon after. I really hope the comics will continue for several more years. There are still so many stories to tell.

And I couldn't be happier to see Gage and Isaacs stay on board. But I want to say that I've been loving Megan Levens' work as well. I'd be very happy if she stayed as well, or if she worked on another Buffy-related comics.
I wonder if Angel and Faith will be showing up then in this 12 issue series.Christos Gage teased on twitter earlier today to,"Stay tuned" when asked if Angel and Faith will have their own series again or will be joining Buffy's book.
Thanks Simon.

Bigger and more epic to me would be having both casts in 1 book and you'd think having S11 announced would have included both books if they were still separate but Gage wasn't the only writer at the summit. Hope the Angel crew gets more to do. Not sure what to make of them not mentioning a few people yet from the Scoobies.
I'm of two minds on this. On the one hand, it's only 12 issues long instead of the usual 25-30. And it looks like we're back to having just one ongoing title.

On the other hand, the best Mutant Enemy comic writer/artist team since the original Fray miniseries is back for their third go around in the Buffyverse! And if it's an epic miniseries event that combines both casts and functions as a sequel to Christos and Rebekah's runs on Angel & Faith: Season 9 and Buffy: Season 10 I may just pass out.

So many conflicting emotions right now.

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"Short season" has a worryingly final sound to it. Long-running TV shows often wrap up with a short season. But it can't end on season 11... that's such an odd number.

I think they're trying to build readership by making each season a less daunting commitment for readers.

I wonder why they're making all these announcements now and not at the convention.

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@AndrewCrossett I was thinking that too. It's really weird for Dark Horse to make this announcement 48 hours before their "Welcome to the Whedonverse" panel. Maybe they're trying to get the Season 11 news out now so they can try and shift the media and fan attention on Thursday to Buffy: The High School Years?

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Here's the official blurb for Dark Horse's "Welcome to the Whedonverse" panel:

"Dark Horse's continuations of Joss Whedon's cult favorites (Serenity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel & Faith) remain some of the most-talked-about comics in the industry. Dark Horse is giving you an exclusive chance to hear all there is to tell about the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 and what's in store for Serenity from the series' top talent, with Buffy Season 10 writer Christos Gage, Buffy the High School Years Kel McDonald, and surprise guests for some big news!"

Maybe I'm reading more into that last sentence than I should be, but it seems to me that we're getting a little bit more than just Joss and his artist announcing Twist. Or I'm being an idiot and Joss and his Twist artist are the only "surprise guests". I guess we'll know more on Thursday.
While I have enjoyed reading Buffy comics over the years, I would like Joss to finish the series with a story that he writes, a short series, like Fray. It could even link Buffy directly to Fray. I am happy that Season 11 will be only 12 issues long. I have always preferred shorter seasons with a great story, without fillers. Great to see Gage and Issacs still on board! Now, I am also very interested in Twist.
Twist was "big news" a year ago, so unless they signed up some major A-list artist to work on it, I'm not sure what the big news could be. A film or TV option, perhaps?
I would be okay with a 12-issue season, but I'm gonna be the odd man out again and say I'm not fond of either the artwork or the writing any longer.

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