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July 20 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #29. It's the second last issue of the season. Very good read btw.

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! NOO!!!!! What's to become of Xander? Good issue, but all I can think about is the fate of Mr. Harris.
Yes that was quite the cliff hanger.
Well that was gutting. Hope it's a trick or temporary. (I was expecting "Anya" to turn Scooby-side..)
Makes me want to go and hug my Xander-kitty, and also makes me fondly remember the time I met Nicholas.
Poor Xander, now we know why he wasn't mentioned in the press release for Season 11! RIP Xander
They might have left him out of the press release because they didn't want to give away that he would survive the season... if this is some kind of trick or if he'll be brought back somehow.

I think we're about to see what Dawn can really do.
Hear are my brief thoughts on the two most recent Buffy issues(I was able to get to my shop to get # 29 late yesterday).Since I got Buffy # 28 so late last month due to being sick when it came out,I decided I would wait and post my thoughts with this week's # 29.

So here are my brief thoughts on Buffy # 28.This is one of those issues where I don't like the issue due to my own preferences.but don't think the issue is bad and there were thingss I really enjoyed.Given my feelings on spuffy,no I did not like that aspect of the issue and I won't lie,and say I'm happy about spuffy most likely continuing into season 11.

But again,I don't think that makes this a bad issue or anything,just a a issue which had developments I didn't like and were hoping against.For fans of Buffy/Spike,I can certainly see the good for them and why many spuffy fans would be happy.

Didn't really have much thoughts on the Willow breakup with Lake and "firing."

As usual with season 10,there were elements I really did like in the issue.The Xander/Dawn stuff and their journey back I really liked and I loved the gang all together aspect of the last part of the issue(considering what happens in the next issue,looking back,this is now bittersweet).

So there were parts I really went for but my feelings on spuffy did overshadow the issue as a whole for me.

Here are my thoughts on Buffy # 29.

This was a great climax issue I thought.Yes,I agree with others that the board room meet with the baddies was hokey but I still thought is was fun.

I thought the "believing" aspect of the book's magic was a interesting twist.

The confrontation and action were handled well

And then the climax with Xander.Man,this would of been so great in live action.I thought the whole thing was powerful and shocking(even spoiled).Would loved to have the cast play this out onscreen.

Now,do I think Xander is really dead and gone.I don't know.It's the cliffhanger end to the issue so it could go either way as far as Xander really being dead for good or not.My feelings on killing chracter's in the verse now is well known but my gut tells me Xander is not gone.I have some reasons for this and I'll say why I have those reasons next issue no matter how this plays out.

So, overall,I thought this was a strong issue IMO.
I don't think he's dead btw. Hence the lack of fuss *ahem*.

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