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July 20 2016

New 6-issue Serenity comic series "No Power in the 'Verse" to be published by Dark Horse. It will be written by Chris Roberson and illustrated by Georges Jeanty. The first issue will arrive October 26. EW has a few preview panels.

Already reserving a spot for the hardcover on my bookshelf.
The synopsis sounds really interesting.
Nice, with Season 11 confirmed and this follow-up officially announced, all that's missing is some cool news about Twist.
Saffron to make an appearance?
Damn. I cannot stand Jeanty's work. It's been keeping me from the "Buffy" comics ever since I finished Season 8.
I wonder if they will keep the characters that were introduced in Leaves" as new crewmembers.
Simon - This was my first thought, as well. Saffron, please! :-)
I enjoyed the two Cinderella miniseries Chris Roberson wrote for "Fables," which AFAIK is all I've read by him. And I've always liked Georges Jeanty's work, especially when he's not rushed.
After "A Shepherd's Tale", is this really necessary without Joss himself writing? I was so immensely disappointed after having waited for years for Book's story, only to have it told so poorly by Zack.
AndrewCrossett, FWIW, Roberson wrote the Serenity story for this year's FCBD.
I don't like Jeanty's work at all either, I find it so much inferior to every other comic book art I've seen. I don't understand why Joss likes his style.
He seems like a great guy though, so I wish I could like what he does, but I really can't.
I loved "A Shepherd's Tale."
I'm in - anything that continues Serenity's story is of interest to me. I will probably wait for the HC though.

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