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July 22 2016

Highlights from yesterday's Whedonverse comic book panel at Comic-Con. There's news about Buffy Season 11, whether Angel will be returning, Buffy: The High School Years, and what to expect from the new Serenity mini-series.

Hm. We should know more next month from the November solicits, or in September from the December solicits. If Angel were getting his own book again they probably would have just said so. Are they merging under the 'Buffy' title? A disaster right away would be a good motive.
Hmmm, the second hint to the new Firefly/Serenity mini-series is especially interesting. Maybe we'll finally get more about Inara's backstory (and her secret, maybe regarding her health, as hinted in Out of Gas, Better Days, and the Browncoats Unite documentary)?
So the "special guests with big news" didn't turn up? And nothing about Twist?

I'm getting the feeling Twist is going to be the next Wastelanders or Goners.
I feel like the news about "No Power in the Verse" were big enough (would be even bigger if not for that EW article a few days back); Roberson can certainly be considered a special guest. I wish there was some news on Twist as well, though.

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I'm guessing we will hear more about Twist (or the lack of) at the Joss panel later on today.
The comment about Buffy/Spike was the same one they gave during S10, so I don't really get why that was repeated as if it was S11 specific. The mention about Angel did feel like he could be 'coming back' into Buffy's orbit and yeah, as @Dusk says, an immediate disaster could be used to create that. I doubt that it would all just run under the one title though if they do something along those lines and would expect concurrent minis or some such. I just think there would be too large a cast otherwise and Angel has carried his own series for too long to not have more prominence than being a Buffy cast member. The comment feels specifically separate to Faith too.

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Was looking for some coverage. Thanks for posting this.

Not surprised Twist was not covered.
Last year Serenity wasn't mentioned until Scott Allie's intro for Joss' Panel. So getting half of the Whedonverse panel to cover it this year, was great.

Was actually hoping for news about Library Editions for Season 10, wonder if S9 sold enough to warrant the format to be continued for S10, considering the last trade of the season is being released in December. On the same line was hoping to the Firefly / Serenity books would ever get that treatment, as I kept expecting Dark Horse to do so last year during the Serenity movie 10 year anniversary, but that never happened.

Hoping there some outlet doing livebloging or twitting for Joss panel later today.

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NYCC is a month(Oct.6-8 2016) before Buffy Season 11 # 1 comes out.The January 2017 solicitation come out in October most likely after the convention(since the con is at the beginning of October this year).Maybe something Angel and or Faith related was going to be revealed in that month's solicitation hence saving Angel news for NYCC ahead of the October solicitation.
Bleeding Cool has some pics from the Dark Horse’s Retailer Presentation at SDCC. Nothing new from the Serenity or the coloring books front, but I think the screen for Buffy S11 has some artwork, I don't remember seeing in the other articles, covering the subject.
Two of those art pieces I don't remember seeing before (the first looks like it includes D'Hoffryn to me), but I can't make them out clearly.
Removing original post, from here, as it was supposed to go to the Friday panels thread.

Leaving just a bit relevant to Season 11.

CBR Joss Panel Coverage.

- Co-Writing Giles Going back to school mini series.

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