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July 23 2016

Joss talks to IGN about Dark Horse Comics and possibilities of more Marvel. Includes a Twist update. Also, he'd be down for a Black Widow movie.

Sad to hear that Twist has been put on hold for the time being (although the lack of updates on it made me suspect this might be the case.)

Also nice to have someone ask him if he would be interested in returning to SHIELD is some shape or form (as I don't remember any previous interviews since the release of Ultron where he was asked specifically about SHIELD, just about doing more Marvel in general.)
I can definetly understand his reasoning for being cautious about returning to SHIELD, although I would like to see him do a one off episode at some point (even if it is just one he directs and doesn't write.)

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I'm down with him writing and directing a Black Widow old school John le Carrie spy film also.
Joss directing a Black Widow movie? Yes, please!
At this point I don't care who directs a Black Widow movie as long as there *is* a Black Widow movie! (Or movies.)
It's too bad the "Twist" is stuck in limbo.
Sadly, I don't think there are any real plans to have a Black Widow movie. :(
So kind of a mixed bag? No Twist is a bummer but I liked the commentary on S11 Buffy and any original work is a bonus. There's so much going on in the world that I'd love to see him tap into with his Joss way.

Maybe Black Widow would get green light if Wonder Woman does well?

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