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July 24 2016

Watch the Joss Whedon panel at NerdHQ 2016. The panel was at 11am. There was also a panel with the cast of Agents of SHIELD at 10am.

The link takes you to the livestream, for archive it will updated to the separate link as soon as that is available.
UPDATE: Link to full panel now featured as main link.

Already added specific link for the AOS panel, here are other NerdHQ 2016 panel links from previous days that might be of interest:

Nathan Fillion
Con Man

Historical Drama! He keeps hinting at that screenplay, and I keep getting more intrigued.
I was doing the dishes and missed a bit but it seems like a good Q&A so far.
The biggest takeaways early on for me, Simon, were that joss didn't know about cable (i.e. short order seasons, no writing for sweeps etc) until about two years ago, he'd love to do one of those shows, and he'd like to return to writing a spaceship thing (not meaning Firefly, I presume).

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I missed the very beginning of it, but I was on Twitter and saw the Whedonesque link (thank you!) and jumped on it. Enjoyed what I saw. But I was eating some ice cream and nearly snorted it with laughter at his political comment--which I won't repeat here because it was political, but it was so very Joss. And I always love his acknowledgments of his teachers.
Loved the question about "teaching classics."

There's always a great long-time quotable nugget in these con-appearances. Also really loved that there were people in the crowd specifically asking/referring to Dollhouse and Angel and not just Firefly/Buffy/Avengers Qs!
That was an amazing Q&A. Oh now I want a historical drama with space craft. George and Martha fly a spaceship of revolutionaries.

Seriously, I miss him. I hope we get more on this screenplay as soon as he is ready.

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