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July 25 2016

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. casts Lilli Birdsell. According to Deadline Lilli Birdsell will play Lucy, a beautiful woman with a haunting quality. She has a very violent streak in her inner self, because of things that have happened.

I read a casting call for this a few weeks ago so she is probably a LMD.
I dunno. That violent streak that was part of her description suggests either human or if an LMD, a major defect.
Accidental defect most likely given who is creating the LMDs.
Do LMD's have the capacity to change their emotional programming ? I wouldn't have thought so but its a brave new world so who knows.
LMD's might not even know they are LMDS. Most commonly they are used as decoys for real agents/villains. Nick Fury had all whole horde of himself in Original Sin, if he didn't want them to know what they were they honestly believed they were the real human Fury.

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@Dusk: Oh boy, that's some really dark, morally problematic stuff. But then, I've always saw SHIELD as a very shady, problematic organization. They may not have had LMDs so far in MCU, but they had the TAHITI project on AoS, and a lot of other shady stuff. It makes sense that it was so easy for Hydra to infiltrate SHIELD, when their methods really aren't all that different (remember Victoria Hand and her trigger-happy ways and penchant for extrajudicial murder of prisoners), even if their goals may be (although that's also sort of questionable - SHIELD is supposed to be about "protection" and Hydra about "domination", but the line between the two can be easy to cross).

That's something that's always been a problem with AoS - I love the show, but it tries to maintain the idea of SHIELD as the good guys (because that's what the show is about, and you can't expect a Marvel show to go all "The Shield" - that other show with Shield in its name - and consciously focus on Villain Protagonists) even though it's also showing a bunch of problematic aspects about them.
True, though Coulson did admit he probably went too far by crushing Ward's chest in revenge which brought Hive back.

I doubt the show will take LMDS as far as Original Sin does but based on what Radcliffe said in the tag scene of the finale he may be trying to do something like it so they 'don't have to say goodbye' to friends anymore. But I don't think he'll succeed enough to make a Lincoln Decoy or anything. It would create the constant nuisance of "Is he/she an LMD?', any time character did something that seemed strange or a new character was introduced with some mystery about them. Its a similar problem as the Skrull issue and supposedly a number of people that write for Marvel really want to avoid that, even with the FF rights still at Fox.

Original Sin is actually quite accessible and self-contained for a Marvel event story. You know some spoilers now but it hits on the points you bring up and has many corners of the MCU represented in an easy to follow way. Give it a read if you want a bit of a thematic primer.

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I dunno, that description sounds like one of those "JANE" casting call descriptions that Ross Putnam tweets.

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