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July 27 2016

Grant Gustin would like to see Joss Whedon direct 'The Flash'. Seems that Joss has watched every episode of the show.

You can definetly feel the influence of Buffy in the CW/ DC Tv-verse (All the heroes have their own Scobby-Gang, Seasonal Big-Bad's, arc stories combined with freak of the week, relationship drama etc etc.)
I'm a bit surprised to hear that Joss likes the show. I don't want to sound too negative, but while it has a lot of the ingredients of Buffy, it is quite badly written, with lots of pointless drama and weird characterization. I wanted to like it during season 1, but I really couldn't.

Supergirl, on the other hand, started badly but turned out to be quite good.
To each his own. I'm the reverse on those two shows, Ragondux.
Yeah - I barely made it through the first four episodes of Supergirl before losing interest. In contrast I've been having to avoid watching The Flash before bed because watching it gives me such gleeful excitement.
Well, the first three episodes of Supergirl were very, very bad. But the show steadily gets better afterwards.
Ragondox, I think that what this shows is that Joss is able to turn off the inner critic and just be a fan. Good for him. This David Gerrold article How criticism destroys enjoyment and how to get past it comes to mind. Also, it includes this quote "...Iíve skipped most of the summer blockbusters. (Unless Joss Whedon is involved.)"
I would prefer him to direct "Supergirl", with Gustin's Barry and Barrowman's Malcolm visiting and some singing taking place.
I don't care how unlikely it is for Merlyn to hit the high notes without Hinton Battle giving him some special kind of motiviation. Make it happen!
I love Supergirl mostly because Melissa Benoist is just so perfectly cast and a joy to watch. Couldn't care less about any of the actual plot goings-on or specifically any of the comic book/sci-fi/action stuff. I'd watch a Supergirl show where she just hung out with people all the time, freaking out about pizza night.

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