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July 27 2016

Black Widow, Star Wars or Terminator: what should Joss Whedon do next? What ever he wants to do.

Joss, dear, do whatever pleases you. But something original of yours would sure please me. I'm ready to cosplay as the lead of Twist or plan a trip to NYC just to see your musical in previews (like I did for Trey & Matt with The Book of Mormon). I've got attention; show me where to point it.
Honestly? I'd love to see Joss do a Birds of Prey movie.
Well, if he brought back TSCC I would probably run around outside screaming for a few hours then buy everyone I know dinner, and then maybe some strangers dinner, then pinch myself to make sure I'm not asleep. But yes he should do what he wants.
Patton Oswalt's Ultimate Infinite Omniversal Crossover.
("It's the next inevitable step" -- Dr. Heller)
My hope is that Joss will do something original. And that if he's offered one these movies, he'll suggest that they consider some women directors instead.
Something TV/ film continuations of the Buffyverse & Firefly.)

(If he's going to play around in worlds that already exist, I'd rather he play in his worlds than spend another 5 years in someone elses sandbox.)
Joss is not your franchise fireman!
The Terminator franchise should be put to sleep for 10 or 15 years, its so broken. Sure, Joss could probably repair the damage that Lucas and Abrams have done to Star Wars but its not gonna happen ? Nah. As good as his movies are, his talent is wasted on the big screen. Joss was made to do original TV shows, thats where his biggest talent lies and thats what he should return to.
>> Joss is not your franchise fireman!

Joss Whedon, saving Hollywood from itself
for over a quarter of a century.
My hope is that Joss will never be a hired gun again. It's like DJ's used to say: "I don't play hits, I make them."
Certainly I want to see Joss' next project (or maybe next 2) be original. Get him back in his own universes for everyone's sake. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next. However, I think he would make a HELL of a Black Widow movie. He sounded very excited by the prospect when he was asked about it in that IGN interview. He seems to love working with Scarlett, and his best work always comes out of these types of relationships. Plus, like he said, a BW movie wouldn't need NEARLY as much green screen as The Avengers. He just wants to make a kick-ass spy movie. If he's going to go back to work for a franchise, I think a BW movie is definitely the place to go.
Maybe Goners will get a friendly nudge?

Fray would be a fun visit to the Slayerverse.
But that might be difficult to have impressive SFX action and Blade Runner-esque settings on a smaller budget. (And Whedon has already used the "big serpentine monster in the climatic battle" in his previous works.)
I'm just not interested in Joss playing in anyone else sandbox apart from his own. He creates such beautiful, intricate worlds with such well fleshed out characters that him being on somebody else's turf seems like a waste of his skill. I'll follow him wherever his brain goes, but I'd love it to be something original.

If not that, the 20th anniversary of Buffy is rapidly approaching and recognising it in someway would be fantastic. I'd love a Fray miniseries bought to television as well. I hear Netflix have some budget stashed away somewhere...
Joss needs to play in his own world for a while.

We don't need more Terminator, and Star Wars is not really that great a platform for new stories. The Force Awakens was the same story, more or less, as the original movie.

I do hope that some day he returns to Marvel for a nice small self-contained story but there's no rush. They're doing fine.
During one of the recent comicon interviews, Joss said he wanted to get back to another spaceship. I heartily endorse this idea. Clearly he'll want something that is distinctive from Firefly, and I'm excited to see what he'll come up with.
An opera about the WW2 Danish Resistance.
I feel Joss should be respected and given a bit of space.

Takes time to dream up that drama, give the guy some breathing room.
Joss' comments about the Night Witches got me excited. It would make a terrific show, if only he got around his trouble with plane fights.
I'm with you SuperScuba... I want original projects, but if he does do something else... I've been dreaming about him doing a Black Widow movie ever since Avengers. Specifically I'd just adore him doing a prequel movie that shows her whole history and path, and includes Barton and their journey going from him being ordered to take her out, to making a different call to them becoming close friends. My fingers will be forever crossed in hopes for this.
Joss, do whatever you want, as long as it has 'Serenity' and '2' in the title!
A Black Widow spy movie would be awesome.
Love Joss to pieces, but I'd be more delighted to see a female director helm Black Widow or a Harley Quinn-centric film. The lack of access for female filmmakers is shocking.

Also, the world needs more of Joss' original work!

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