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July 31 2016

Top 10 TV Shows that should be revived. Two Whedon shows make the cut.

Here's the list:

10. Terra Nova (2011) Fox
9. Pushing Daisies (2007-2009) ABC
8. Rubicon (2010) AMC
7. The Black Donnellys (2007) NBC
6. Stargate Universe (2009-2011) Syfy
5. Party Down (2009-2010) Starz
4. Angel (1999-2004) The WB
3. Hannibal (2013-2015) NBC
2. Firefly (2002-2003) Fox
1. Friends (1994-2004) NBC

Honorable Mentions:
Chappelle's Show (2003-2006) CC
Young Justice (2010-2013) CN
Chuck (2007-2012) NBC
Deadwood (2004-2006) HBO
Bill Nye the Science Guy (1993-1998) PBS
Great to see some love for Angel. So often overlooked. And I would love to see Pushing Daisies back too.

Oh and Firefly is a no brainer.
I wouldn't mind more "Terra Nova", which is still fresh enough. - On the other hand it would need a decent budget, which makes things even more unlikely than they'd usually be.

Other than "Angel" ended perfectly. Leave it be. "Firefly" was almost fifteen years ago. I neither want to see those characters after a time-jump, nor do I want to see these actors play people twenty years their junior, nor do I want to see the memory of the show tarnished. Let it rest in peace.

More is not always better.

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Vampires don't age. The Buffyverse is over and there's no point in bringing it back. We got 12 seasons. Let it rest in piece.

About Firefly... I'm torn. I wouldn't mind seeing what the crew is up to right now. However, with "I'm a leaf on the wind" I think it would just be too sad.
Friends?! Seriously?! It already lasted too long, stopped being funny halfway through, and most of the characters became caricatures of themselves by the end.
There's a special place in my heart for Angel S6. Alas, I sort of got gutpunched twice in quick succession around that time with both Angel and Farscape.
Yeah, I'm not on the "bring back" train for the most part. But I would like to see that Deadwood movie.
If I had to pick a Whedon show to be revived, it would be Dollhouse. So much potential, so many stories to tell.
I always feel that people asking for a return of Firefly might not take into account that a return of the series would very likely result in more beloved character deaths. Think about it: Simon and Kaylee ended up happy together at the end of Serenity... but that is not the way of the Joss!! One of them would probably not make it further than one more episode (my guess would be Simon).
I'll never stop wanting more Firefly. I don't care how long ago the show ended.

Loved Pushing Daisies!

Friends? Huh?
I'd love more buffyverse on tv but it doesn't mean they'd have to revive something old.
I second that. The Buffyverse hardly lacks of future potential. As long as you've got a decent creative team and some decent actors, you can do pretty much anything. It's like "Star Trek" - there's always room for more characters and more stories.

Personally, I'd actually love some foreign, non-english production taking up the reigns. Both slayers and demons have existed all over the world and (more or less) all over time. So why not place your story in Japan after the bombs, Central Europe from 200 years ago, Ancient Egypt or Romania? There should probably also be some cartoons anime enriching the 'Verse. Especially stories taking place in the distant future would be much easier to realise.

Given the times we live in, where even the most idiotic ideas get milked for every last penny and dime, the Buffyverse appears to be astonishingly underused.
With the ever-falling cost of CGI a Fray series might have potential.

Firefly... I agree with others that a post-Serenity series revival might be too much of a downer. Performance capture, transfer and facial rigging tech is starting to get really scarily good now (see e.g. Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment, Snappers Facial Rig demo), so it's not impossible to imagine a new series with our Big Damn Heroes both photorealistic and still young, but I can't help thinking it'd lose the spontaneity that made Firefly the wonder it was.
My top five:

1. Dollhouse
2. Pushing Daisies
3. Reaper
4. Wonderfalls
5. Now and Again

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