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August 01 2016

Jason O'Mara is the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Fancy that. Apparently his character will have "Marvel roots [that] go back to the 1940s".

Guessing that the government demoted Coulson and put in this new guy. Maybe because Coulson is too soft on Quake?
I honestly don't care, but shouldn't this be considered a spoiler?
Dito, Ricardo L.
"X joins show to play Y" isn't really considered a spoiler as casting news is very run of the mill these days. Especially as O'Mara will be a recurring guest star or regular by the looks of it. Don't think any AoS fan could stay unspoilt for that especially if Loeb and co are happy enough to talk about it in press releases.

"X's character gets killed off in show" would be a spoiler though.
Casting news is almost impossible to keep quiet. Even if it stays off the web, chances are it will be in the commercials.

I like Jason O'Mara, so this seems like good news.
I'm so happy. I love Jason O'Mara.
"Marvel Roots that go back to the 1940" - another descendant of a Howling Commando maybe?

@Dusk: I'd hope Coulson was demoted because of how incompetent he's been and the way he makes decisions based on his personal feelings and whims, with no consistency, and no checks and balances (there was supposed to be a committee set up in season 2, but that seems to have died with Gonzales). But my biggest fear is that they'll make the new guy look worse just so Coulson would come off looking well in comparison.
Having "Marvel roots that go back to the 1940s" could really mean anything, since SHIELD itself has roots that go back that far, in this Marvel-verse at least, since it was formed by Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, and Col. Phillips. My bet, if we're placing them, is Norman Osborn. He is put in charge of SHIELD mostly to go after Inhumans that refuse to register, which would explain Daisy on the run from her former pals. She probably has taken on Lincoln's cause since he really wasn't keen on SHIELD when it came to Inhuman involvement. (Despite he himself being there for a while.)

Or her could be a descendant of Dum Dum. That'd be cool. I love Dum Dum.
Namor: Dirctor of SHIELD.

Slightly more seriously, I'm going to guess that it's Jim Hammond, and he's secretly an android.
X's character gets killed off in show

X is getting killed off already ! ! ! But he only joined the show in the previous sentence.
Was hoping for Maria Hill as director, but I like Jason O'Mara. He reminds me a lot of Patrick Duffy.

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I'm on mobile so can't link but if someone can check TVLine theirs more intresting info about this and the rest of the gang.
Just read the article, and rolled my eyes at the last line. The author must have stopped watching the show since season 1 if he defines Simmons as so "sweet" that she can't have a darker role.
Maybe he's playing the Destroyer. He started off in the 1940's as a wartime American character but was rebooted in the 1970's as a British hero.
This is casting news, but it doesn't really tell us much about the character he's playing or the story line, thus this is not really a spoiler. He just better be cool enough to replace Nick Fury.

I think "who is the director of SHIELD" was enough of a cliffhanger in the last episode for this to be considered a spoiler, imo. "Jason O'Mara joins SHIELD" would be ok.
Ricardo, I get what you're saying, but casting can't be considered spoilers. If a website that talks about TV shows can't talk about which characters the actors are playing, then it can't talk about anything.

There have been times when I didn't want to hear anything about a show. So I avoided any website or TV show that talked about that show. I know that sounds extreme, but there are just certain things that websites can reasonably reveal. Upcoming characters is one of them.

Think about it this way. Are you going to know who the new director is within the first 10 minutes of the show? Almost certainly. It's very unlikely that the show itself will act like this is a big plot point that needs to be revealed at just the right moment.
I'd think it's unlikely to be Norman Osborn, because Marvel is rebooting Spider-Man for the movies and I suspect they'll want him over there.

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