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August 02 2016

A Joss Whedon executive produced film will premiere at the HollyShorts opening night on August 11th. Daniel Kaminsky's 'The Deal' is about a "former high school quarterback who discovers everyone around him has suddenly changed". Details about how to get tickets for the film festival can be found here.

Daniel Kaminsky worked on the two Avengers films and Much Ado About Nothing.

Incidentally, costumes by Shawna Trpcic!

A lot of other crew from Lust For Love as well, including the cinematographer (Who was Danny Kaminsky's roommate) and me on Steadicam :)

There are several F bombs and some blood, in case those are an issue for anyone.
Something is wrong with the link. "Server not found" since last night.
Both links seem to be fine at my end.

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