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August 02 2016

Listen to Joss Whedon on a radio show about Joss Whedon. Appearing on the WNPR show with him are Jeanine Basinger and David Lavery. The show was broadcast earlier today.

Oh it's almost over. Forgot to check the time zone conversion.
Hopefully there will be a recording of it online soon.
So just caught the last 15min (including commercial break...sigh).

At the end Joss brought up the "new movie" again but no new bits. Historical drama, "very much me!", "very unhinged" ...

Seems like something that was a bit too compressed for a mere hour.
Hopped on 20 minutes late. Some nice discussion of genre mixing from Basinger (who most of you probably know was his college professor). Nothing much in terms of news--a brief reference to his "historical drama" again--but a nice discussion about the kinds of things Joss is drawn to, why he's drawn to them, and their context in film/genre history.
The recording of the show is now available at the link.
Nice, thanks Simon! :)
That was enjoyable. Super lame though it ended just as Joss was starting to open up about where he was in his career. Especially since he’s described (in song form) how discussing his art can be like open heart surgery Kali Ma style.

But I <3 Joss's comment about the current potential rise of global fascism. The reason why I think his work resonates so broadly is because Joss writes from such personally held beliefs and observations. Buffy didn’t connect because of luck, but because it was genuine. It was sincere. It was genuinely sincere, and it stood out because of that. Also it was hilarious, and super well crafted. But while the entertainment value had us staying through the commercial breaks (remember those?), I think it was its heart that made us return next season.

Buffy was not born just out of idea that “Dude a cheerleader fighting like flying vampires would be totally rawesome!” It clearly was created from some deep-seated passion about the world. Joss writes that heroes should “live as though the world is as it should be”, but also seems to act that way too… whether it’s fighting gender inequality, championing a writer’s strike or the art he makes. I guess I’m making the case that it is Joss’s convictions that ultimately make his work special, because they resonate with our own convictions.

So that meandered…. but basically Joss is boss, reminds me of Daria Morgendorffer, and should be in all interviews ever.
Also rereading this.. I think I have a bit of an Admiral Thrawn complex. Is that a thing? It’s now a thing. ;_;
also available at iTunes, by the way
This was so great to listen to. David Lavery was one of my professors when I was in grad school at Memphis State (now U of Memphis) and chair of my committee. I don't know if he's interacted with Joss before, but I'm sure he was thrilled to be a part of this conversation either way.
What you guys said. We (my husband & I) really enjoyed listening to this, and it was fun hearing what the others had to say about Joss & his influence & impact on the scholarly world, etc. We did think the guy doing the interview could have cut down what he said by about 1/2, to give the interviewees more air time, but still.
Agreed about the interviewer. Yeesh, he talked a lot.

He basically did what I would do if I found myself sitting next to Joss on a plane. Gush about how great he is, then throw all my fan theories at him and ask for validation.

OK, he wasn't *that* bad.

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