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"And Iím thinking you werenít burdened with an overabundance of schooling."
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August 08 2016

Sarah Michelle Gellar comments on 'Cruel Intentions' and 'Buffy' reboots. One is far more likely to happen than the other.

I have to say, as much as I'd like to see more of Buffy, she has a good point about the high school experience being different enough nowadays that it has potential for entirely new stories. The difference between face-to-face bullying and online bullying reminds me of the difference between people in monster prosthetics and modern visual effects monsters. Mostly I'm amused at the idea that 'I Robot, You Jane' is the future.

I disagree that the essential part of 'Buffy' is the high school story, though. The story of growing up can apply to any time and place.
I have said for awhile that the story of Buffy as a middle-aged woman, dealing with the fact that she's lived longer than any Slayer is meant to alongside motherhood/ mentorhood, would be an interesting way of doing a followup without doing the same story.
Yes, Buffy hasn't been about 'high school' for a very long time. Growing up, living, learning how to be ourselves and who we want to be, goes very much beyond that and there is zero reason to see it restricted in that way. And of course that's very much the truth within the show's tv run. I always find it just a bit sad to hear the actors talking about the show and the characters when it, imo, shows a disconnection, as they are such fundamental parts of what was great about the show. I think it just shows what an amazing combination the verse had in the acting, writing and directing.

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Trust issues seem to be an inescapable part of life, no matter your age. If you ask me, the show could be about anyone, of any age.

BtVS is about some people of high school age, but if that's all it were about people wouldn't still be watching it and talking about it all these years later. It's more than just a teen show, that's why it works.
I don't think it necessarily shows a disconnect. Yes, Buffy is not just about high school. It outgrew one of the parts of its premise. That being said, she is talking in the context of a reboot so it makes sense to go back to the high school of it all.

It's just plain sad to see Sarah live in the shadow of previous glories. Whatever you think of her - not getting the show or her politics in this article, she's Buffy. She's an amazing actress (remember "The Body", anyone?). I wish she would get roles that showcase her talents.
Cruel Intentions tho. Gimme!

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