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August 08 2016

(SPOILER) Synopsis for Agents of SHIELD Season 4. A lot has happened since Season 3 finished.

That is a lot of change. Seems like it could work really well as an entry point for new viewers, though––with the new director, new antagonists, and a smaller cast, it almost sounds like a different show. I didn't love the last season (parts of it were great, other parts didn't work for me), so I'm curious what this change in direction will do.

Also, I think Coulson will be more fun as a field agent.
So they rebooted the show??? I don't like the sound of it but I'll give it a chance.
They didn't reboot anything, that's just what's called plot and character development. Things change, people die, events have consequences. It would be ridiculous if they kept the status quo in spite of everything that's happened in the show and in MCU.

My biggest fear for this season is that they won't be able to resist taking things back to the status quo and will return Daisy to SHIELD and/or make Coulson Director again after 5-6 episodes. Hopefully not.
No, think I'm seeing where they're going here and, if I'm correct, this fourth season should be the best yet.

Have faith and watch events unfold. Thinking Coulson and May will be key characters from the get go. Just my thoughts.

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