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August 08 2016

'Firefly: Back From The Black' imagines if Serenity crew returned to Earth. This Titan Book will be out in July of next year and has first dibs at the illustrations.

This looks damn good. I've always liked Joey Spiotto's (Joebot on whedonesque) artwork, ever since his "River Tam and the Fireflies", and more , and this seems quite clever. I'll be getting this.
I thought the art looked familiar. I'm wearing my "Sing Along with Dr. Horrible" shirt right now. The kids at my son's preschool asked me "Why he is so horrible? Does he make people worse?"
You guys are the best :) i'm working on the book this very moment (well not THIS moment because i'm typing this comment in here...) i'm very excited for you to see it, I hope you don't totally hate it.

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