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August 09 2016

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 10 #30 preview pages. This is the final issue of season 10.

Featuring the long-awaited appearance of Big Pile Of Dust.
We'll see if Xander is really dead. I have a feeling Anya is playing D'Hoffryn. But i'm kinda hoping he's gone. His character served his purpose.
Agree. What was last major death that actually stuck, probably Renee, right? role didn't end up as big as expected, so this character's demise I can't exactly consider that major. Unless we want to count some of Spike's bug friends.
Cause the other major "deaths" were both gone half a season later, we got Giles back midway through S9, and Illyria+Fred midway through S10.
Well, notice that we just had Buffy saying "I wish..." to a vengeance demon who had just been basically prompting her to do so. I think on the next page D'Hoffryn is going to be D'OH! Hoffryn.
@AndrewCrossett Good catch. I'm guessing, he'll have to grant her wish and lose his powers. The fight will probably end within a few pages. But would granting her the wish, in return everything that's recently happened. Including Xanders death?!
Actually I think it's Anya who will grant the wish. I believe she's been playing D'Hoffryn for a while now. I also believe she's the real Anya.

If Anya grants the wish by rewinding time back to before Buffy gave the Council those powers, it would also mean Xander is still alive, along with the whole Council of Magic. And also the Gruesome Threesome of villains that D'Hoffryn killed. If Buffy (or Willow) could show them all what D'H did to them in the original timeline, they could potentially all join forces against him.

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