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August 10 2016

Charisma Carpenter joins the cast of "Lucifer." The DC Comic/Vertigo series will be starting its second season this fall.

Wow. This season is going to be great. With Charisma and Tricia Helfer it will rock.
Like the cast, enjoy the source material, but not a fan of the show.
Seems unclear if it is just a guest spot or a recurring role. Might check-out the episode when that's on.
So this means Cordelia Chase gets to meet Robin Wood, kinda?
My problem with the show is that it's just another procedural. Keeping my sights set on anti-procedurals.
I like procedurals. Actually, I prefer them, with shows like "Buffy", "Doctor Who", "The A-Team" or "CSI" ranking amongst my personal favourites. The problem is, that a lot of them are rather bad and/or basically copies of one another. How many crime procedurals does the world truly need?
@Sahjhan: Buffy was never a procedural.
Sure it was.

1) Introduce a threat (typically the so-called 'monster of the week').
2) Work the threat (fight).
3) Beat the threat (win/kill). - On rare occassions don't beat the threat.
4) End credits

Definitely a procedure and especially the earlier seasons were full of this - and even season 7 still followed the formula on a couple of episodes.

I will agree, though, that the show had more elements of serialization than most procedurals and tended to use elements from both worlds. But in no way was it a serialized show like "24" or "The Wire" or "Breaking Bad". It had distinguished episodes - and most of the time those episodes followed specific guidelines that were typical for a procedural.

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