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August 10 2016

Firefly soundtrack will be released on vinyl this Friday. It's a Barnes & Noble exclusive and the composer Greg Edmonson will be doing a signing for it in Santa Monica on Saturday.

Yes, vinyl has had a bit of revival of late. I wondered if we would see the score or soundtrack for a Whedonverse show or film getting released on vinyl.
I would love a vinyl edition of OMWF. I look for it every Record Store Day announcement.
Darn. I forgot to be 2,000 miles west of here.
Can you imagine getting that signed by all of the cast?
Unfortunately not, Simon. My brain just can't process that much excitement.
The sleeve is gorgeous.

Wonder if Side A end with Rivers Afraid / Niska / Torture Or
In My Bunk / Jaynes Statue / Boom

Forget that, there's low res, listing at the sleeve images. Nice.

Imagine getting this signed by Cast, Greg, Joss and Tim.

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Looks like there are only 1800 copies of the first pressing to be had.
I would love to meet Greg E. He's one of my heroes–and the behind-the-scenes person I missed the most in Serenity.
Beautiful. It has a sticker on the front that says it is a first pressing.

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