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August 12 2016

Rumor Alert: Joss Whedon directing the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover? Holding a salt shaker right this second.

Yesterday at the TCA,a Flash/Supergirl musical crossover was announced. Now The Hashtag Show is hearing Joss will direct the crossover. Both Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin were on Glee.

Has anyone watched the video to hear exactly what was said?
I've no idea if this is true. But it's known Joss is a fan of Supergirl.
I just watched the video.

First they mention the announcement from the TCA yesterday about The Flash and Supergirl having a two part musical crossover episode later in the season.They mention Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist history as cast members of 'Glee' along with the musical talents of many of the other cast members of Supergirl and The Flash.

They then say how fans have been wanting a musical since the first Flash/Supergirl crossover last season.

Hashtag then reports that they've learned that the director of both episodes of the crossover will be Joss Whedon.

They then point out how Joss is a fan of musicals,made the Buffy musical episode,directed an episode of 'Glee's' first season and made 'Dr. Horrible's Sing'Along Blog.

They then point out that Neil Patrick Harris was the star of Dr. Horrible and their sources are hearing that The Music Meister,a villain created for the animated series'Batman:The Brave And The Bold'(and the villain of that show's musical episode}who was voiced by NPH will be the baddie in this crossover.

They then speculate about NPH playing the role on Flash/Supergirl given his love of musicals and his history with both the characters and Joss,they would be shocked if conversations about him playing the role haven't taken place.

Their sources assures them that Joss's involvement is locked but they've reached out to The CW for confirmation and the network has not yet responded.

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Cheers. That means the rumours about the rumour are actually based on a rumour and not misreporting. If it is a Joss penned number would be nice.
Wow, well I've got to catch up on Supergirl.
I like Supergirl a lot. I haven't watched the Flash show but he was great in the crossover. The two actors have great and fun chemistry together. I would hope for a solo Flockhart number.
I'm the opposite of Simon, I watch Flash but I've only seen the crossover and part of the Supergirl finale. A two parter makes sense, they did it last year for Flash/Arrow to set up the Legends of Tomorrow show, and all 4 shows are supposed to get a crossover early this year.

Wouldn't count on Flockhart though she's in a reduced role since the show moved to Vancouver for production now.
I'm a fan of all the Berlanti DC shows(Arrow,Flash,Supergirl,Legends of Tomorrow)

Supergirl season 1 was just released on DVD/Blu Ray this week and they are re-airing the season on Monday nights leading up to the season 2 premiere.

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This is a rumour that actually makes a lot of sense. There can't be many (or any?) directors as suited to a superhero musical TV episode as Joss. And I can imagine he might be interested in a fun, low-key directing project.

I enjoy Supergirl a lot. It was always enjoyable and stepped up its dramatic game in the second half of the season. I've been wanting to see a musical episode since it began because of the musical theatre talent in the cast. I really hope they give Jeremy Jordan a solo because his voice is incredible.
This is one of the cruelest TV rumors ever for me. Few rumors got me this pumped. It would be so epic. If I ever get low energy on the next months I'll think about Joss directing this musical crossover just to shift myself into high gear.
I'd much rather hear an announcement that Marvel Studios had changed their schedule again this time for a Black Widow film written and directed by Whedon.
I hope it's not true. I would rather see more original projects from him. And I would really really wish he could take time to supervise, or consult on, or invest in the Buffy conversion to HD. I don't see why Fox would say no to him. And it will soon be to late for him to have his say, now is the time!
TV direction, even on a big ep like this, is a fairly short-term gig; no reason Joss can't do this without totally neglecting his original work.
I only recently finished "Supergirl" and was surprised at how much I liked loved it. I also felt the need for a future 'karaoke'-scene between Benoist and Gustin. This is even better. It's like a longtime dream, that came true after mere weeks. (Interestingly enough, neither of them left a lasting impression on "Glee" - well, Benoist did, but mostly because of that ridiculous 'eating disorder'-storyline).

Whedon as the director would be great. But even more importantly: Malcolm Merlyn needs to make an appearance!
Agreed to the Malcolm Merlyn guest appearance! (and going by the way John Barrowman's CW contract now cover appearances in all of the 4 DC shows, I'd say an appearance would be very likely.)

Joss directing both the Flash and Supergirl has been a dream of mine since we found out at Comic-Con what a huge fan of both he is, and I've been wanting a musical crossover of the two since pretty much the start of Sueprgirl.
(So combining these two ideas into one would be such a dream come true!)
Malcolm Merlyn doesn't need to appear for John Barroman to appear.

This is a GREAT rumor... but it smacks of wish-fulfillment. I'm hopeful - but I'm not holding my breath.
A musical episode could really rock if the music is good. Joss would just be icing on the cake. I had totally forgotten Gustin was a warbler. So much talent in the two casts.
It would be great to have these episodes directed by Joss, and I hope that he would have great fun doing so. But wouldn't it be much, much better if he could also write or at least "co-write" them?

I mean, as long as it's only a rumor, why not go for the best rumor we can afford?
Maybe this will inspire me to catch up on these two shows. I just "sort of" like them, but the last crossover was big fun & both leads are as charming as can be. Throw a little Joss in the mix--sounds awesome!
Both shows are very likeable, and easy to get into. Supergirl was a little rough around the edges in the first season, but that can change as they get their footing in Season 2. The Flash has been the best of the DC shows from Day 1.

I really hope Joss is involved with this. It would mean many of my escapist worlds will join in one place. If not, it will probably still be enjoyable, but it would be much better with Joss.

Plus, he does seem to do little stints like this (Glee, The Office, plus all his little acting cameos) from time to time without ceasing to be Joss.
Now that would be rad - fingers crossed that it's true.

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Well, this news has caused me to put Supergirl at #1 on my Netflix list! Woo Hoo - how much fun would it be to have Joss directing the episodes! And, as others have suggested, writing them too! I loved Melissa B on Glee - aside from the stupid eating disorder arc, she always looked like she was having the time of her life when she was singing/performing. And her voice is certainly not shabby.

I tend to feel sad when terrific singers end up doing acting jobs that don't utilize their singing abilities, like when the guy who originated the role of Elder Price in Book of Mormon got a regular acting gig. Still, they have to earn paychecks too.

I don't know anything about The Flash, but might have to check it out also. So little time, so many series!
I can say with certainty that neither Joss Whedon nor Neil Patrick Harris' names came up at the CW/DC TCA panel. This does not mean that the rumors aren't true, only that they were not publicly announced during that session.

Arrow was the best DC show until about season 3 when it started to go downhill. Its first two seasons are still the high water mark of ALL the DC shows.

The only reason The Flash is so good is because it seems some of the key talent working on Arrow left to do The Flash. Since then Arrow has really taken a dive in quality, with Felicity largely being the reason the show is so awful now.
Well, I love Felicity and everything related to her.
I agree with the notion of the Felicity-overkill being one of the major reasons why "Arrow" has sucked as of late (- others being the lame Big Bads, the continued flashbacks, and the general quality of the writing). Somewhere down the line the producers decided to milk her popularity right down to the very last drop and it's been way too much for way too long (not to mention that she's got her own - annoying - sidekicks, now, which steal even more screentime from the rest of the main cast).

"Arrow" had a good first, and a decent second season. Since then it has mostly been a waste of time. "The Flash" had two mixed seasons - including both high- and lowlights. Gustin's definetely has been a highlight - as has been Benoist, who's been pretty much a revelation on her show. Her and Flockhart make about 90% of its appeal.
I don't think I have anything positive to say about "Legends". Savage was horrible. The Hawks were horrible. Even Rory Pond was nothing but boring. The Prison Breakers and Canary had some lines and moments, but that's about it.
@Jason_M_Bryant, I do too! I think there's great chemistry between Felicity and Oliver. I will say I wish the writers would stop coming up with dumb reasons to keep them apart for "drama". The show has plenty of that without relationship angst.
I think Felicity is the best part of "Arrow." I really couldn't get into the show until her role got bigger.
I think there have been some problems lately, but I still enjoy Arrow.

I'd say the problem is mainly things getting too big. This is not the type of show that should have end-of-the-world villains. Saving the city, sure, I can buy a guy with a bow doing that. Saving the whole world from a villain who has nuclear bombs *and* magic? That leads to scenes with way too many heroes trying to do stuff that they don't have the effects budget to pull off. Felicity and Curtis on a rooftop does not make a convincing nuclear apocalypse.

Making *everyone* a superhero is also too much. I was sad to see Laurel die, but they hadn't had a good plotline for her in a long time. They just ran out of ways to keep giving stories to every character.

Still, I like the show. These are just quibbles for me.
I'm with @Liam12. Original content and Buffy HD are the things I would like most. But hey, it's his life.
Felicity has become a real albatross on Arrow. Half of the fans hate her, like myself, the rest of them seem to want the whole show to be about her. And that has been one of its biggest problems, she gets way too much screen time and has become a Mary Sue who can do anything she wants.

Pilot a mecha suit? Felicity can do it
Fire a machine gun and scare off an assassin by herself? Felicity can do it
Hack into literally anything? Felicity can do it

I'm surprised she's not a master archer by now. She's such a Mary Sue that even on The Flash they have to name drop her from time to time to remind everyone how awesome she is.

It's really tiresome. It's clear that the show runner absolutely adores her.

They need to kill her off, and they need to do it soon.

Sara was the MVP of that show, and sadly they killed her off, then moved her over to Legends. And just when Laurel was becoming likable in her role as the new Canary, they killed her off. Basically, it seems like any woman Oliver might have an interest in has to be killed off in order to keep the Felicity fans happy. It's dragging the show down. I'm surprised his son's mother isn't dead yet.

And the overall quality of the writing has gone down in order to service the Arrow/Felicity soap opera, which at times feels like a sitcom. Especially once they introduced Felicity's obnoxious family into the show and annoying new BFF Kurtis. A character who, by the way, tries WAY too hard to be Whedonesque with his dialog and fails miserably.

Oliver is nice and all smiles all the time, and Felicity's family is making bad comedy. What happened to the dark show Arrow used to be? It seems like you have to watch Daredevil for that now. Barry and Kara bring more than enough hope and positivity to this universe, and Legends is pretty much all silliness. Being the darker show gave Arrow its identity, and it doesn't have it anymore. So now the show seems pointless, especially with The Flash regularly outdoing it with good stories and quality writing these days. And Daredevil has essentially become a better version of what Arrow once was.

The season 2 FULL CIRCLE trailer for Arrow was epic, cinematic, and exciting. I saw the trailer they released for this upcoming season and had to keep myself from yawning.

I know a lot of people feel this way about the show. Look up a very funny video on youtube called Arrow: Behind the Scenes: "The Truth" by CW Slamfest, which basically covers the Felicity problem perfectly

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Shippers. Oy. Running away from the nonsense.
Who is shipping? I was commenting on how the show has suffered due to its over emphasis on Felicity. Her relationship with Oliver is just an offshoot of the bigger problem of everything on the show having to be about her now.
I feel like I contributed to throwing this thread off topic.

Um, Joss might maybe direct a musical episode! Yay!
And I'm sure it'll be a wonderful musical episode, so yay from me too. I actually always wanted Joss to do something with DC, so I'm very happy.
"Shippers. Oy. Running away from the nonsense."

I'm so glad you said that, so I didn't have to...
Why do you run like you're running out of time?

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