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August 14 2016

Avengers: Age of Ultron. An Analysis. Thorough examination of the themes, characters and 19th Century Philosophy (especially Nietzsche) presented in Age of Ultron.

This is from November 2015, but I just stumbled over it and noticed it was never linked on Whedonesque. Runtime: two hours.

Intruiged by this, as I think Age of Ultron had far more depth to it than any other Marvel movie, including Civil War. Very underrated movie because of some unfortunate flaws. Scene between Natasha and Bruce and the one between Vision and Ultron at the end were fantastic. But I ain't got it in me to begin watching a 2 hour video about it, almost as long as the movie!
Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed watching.
@Fivewordsorless- try watching it in smaller chunks, maybe? I've only watched parts of the video (because like you I felt like I didn't have it in me to watch a full 2 hour analysis), but the parts I did watch seemed to have some geniune thought and depth to them, and showed how Age of Ultron was attempting to say something meaningful.
I really do not have time to watch this. But I will ALWAYS defend Age of Ultron. While it's not perfect, it's a very good movie and it bugs me that people crap on it so much.

I've also found that the people who crap on it the most, have usually only seen it once and/or they just don't personally care for some of the narrative decisions Joss made; ie: Hawkeye being married, or the Widow & Banner coupling...

And what REALLY bugs me is people who complain about the so called "damseling" of Widow. Or that Widow's arc throughout the avengers movies has been not been important enough or somehow anti-feminist. Which is just stupid. Widow has been absolutely KEY in both Avengers movies. SHE is the one who figured out how to close the portal (and closed it herself) in Avengers and SHE is the one who snatched Vision from Ultron in AOE (without whom they would not have defeated Ultron). She is also the one who alerted the Avengers to Ultron's location when she was snagged by Ultron. Yes she got caught and had to be rescued. But guess what? MALE heros get caught and have to be rescued sometimes as well. Getting caught is part of the risk you run when super-heroing. To have some sort of rule that says a woman is no longer allowed to be caught and rescued in a movie is sexist in and of itself.

In closing, AOE was funny, beautifully filmed, well acted, well written and highly entertaining. Is it written exactly the way every fan would have liked it to be? Of course not. Its still a really good movie, better than all DC movies and all Iron Man and Thor movies, IMO. Just talking about it makes me want to re-watch it again.

--end rant--

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Nice to seem some Age of Ultron love! I liked it better than Avengers 1, actually, and that is saying a lot. It is a beautiful, beautiful film--and I agree it is underrated. From what I've seen of this lengthy analysis so far, the maker seems to have really appreciated it --and to be analyzing it far more minutely than I did, that's for sure! I got about as far as appreciating the 'monsters'-theme laced throughout the movie, but this person's analysis is getting into way more stuff. I haven't made it through the whole of the analysis yet (--it's very long.)
Penthos, I've been a LOUD feminist since about the age of 13, which was a long time ago, and I share your ire about the objections to Widow's arc. She saved the frikkin' world. Twice! Risking her neck in incredible physical feats both times (remember that ride to the top of the building in Avengers "Sure it'll be fun"), and she got knocked unconscious in doing so the second time. Hardly a fragile flower.

Also the people who got antsy over her speech about not being able to have children, missed out on the fact that the while underlying theme of the movie was everybody's yearning for children. Either they were incapable, like Bruce Banner, or realized like Captain America that they no longer had a place in which to build a family. Or like Tony, their child was a Frankenstein i.e. Ultron. The only hero that could have a family was the least "powered" among them. Ultron even underlines the theme by the way he talks about "smaller people" because he has trouble at first remembering the word "children." Joss wouldn't have just thrown that in as random dialogue.
So, yeah, another Age of Ultron fan here.
Since we're at it, I also think it's underrated. My expectations were so high that I was disappointed after the first viewing but I enjoyed it more the second time (it's the only film I've seen twice in the cinema AND I bought a Blu-Ray player specifically for it). I do wish that it had been a bit longer or with slightly less action to allow more character moments but some of the other complaints are just ridiculous, particularly that its treatment of Black Widow is sexist*.

*I'm not going to rehash all of them but I've seen people (including io9) complain that Black Widows joke "I'm always picking up after you boys" as she picks up Captain America's shield is sexist!
When people start making silly claims that Black Widow's treatment has been sexist, when she's about as representative of a well-written female character as you'll find in this corner of fiction, they demonstrate that they're one of two things. A bit dim, for example thinking Black Widow was saying she is a monster because she can't have children. She meant she's a monster because she's been made into a murderer. So many people picked up pitchforks over that. If you're gonna claim a famously feminist writer is sexist you want to make sure you understand the scene and dialogue first. Or, they're one of the many 'fake' social justice warriors walking around today. You can spot them easily, because, like io9 as shelled mentioned, they try to label everyone 'something'ist loudly so that everyone can hear, showing that they actually have no allegiance to the values they're spouting and they just want to cry 'witch!'. No better way to do that these days than throw the phrase sexist or racist at someone. People who actually fight for equality choose their battles, and don't go looking for monsters that don't exist.

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