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August 15 2016

Teaser trailer for the (fan) animated adventures of Firefly. This was created by Stephen Byrne who also did the same for Buffy.

This is making me sad... plus chills because of the music.
Nobody gets SMG's eyes right.

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Everyone talks about a revival for Buffy or Firefly, but it's too late for both, for these characters anyway. But it's not too late for an animated series, I think both could be amazing, and all the actors could come back without worrying of having aged too much.

And I love Stephen Byrne's work, can't wait for the Firefly opening!
I liked this trailer a lot, the music buildup reminded me of Bioshock for some reason. In all, very effective use of animation and loved the snippets of upcoming plots.
This is an amazing piece of work and it pushes all the right buttons. I am however, not a fan of the Alliance cruiser hovering above the surface. Its too sci fi.
Yes, I would question if it can enter a planet's atmosphere. But Dortmunder does look nice. It's one of my favourite ships from any sci-fi show. It reminds me of the ones on Bablyon 5.
Crowdfund/Kickstart the heck of this! That's what my rainy day money for.

Crowdfunding may not be the best idea. If something gets too big, the lawyers start getting nervous.
It looks great. This "trailer" is also trending on Facebook right now (approx. 1 PM West Coast time on Wed. Aug. 17).

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