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"Is everyone here very stoned?"
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August 16 2016

Tony Head's horse from Buffy The Vampire Slayer has passed away. Otto appeared in the Buffy Season 7 premiere.

I almost shit my pants! I thought for a second you'd reported Tony Head's death! Oooo, not a good feeling.
OMG I thought the same thing. So sorry for the horse but goodness, I thought Tony was dead!
Just for this, I'm going back & starting Buffy season 1 again. Right back to the beginning! anyone?
RIP Otto. He was a beautiful horse. It's probably nice for Tony Head that Otto was immortalised in Buffy.
Just here to join the "I thought this post was about Tony passing away" support group.
Our very own ShadowQuest once painted a Breyer horse model to look like Otto and presented it and the blue ribbon it won at a model horse show to Tony at a con, so he has that along with memories and photos. (Twice, actually- she made one for herself.)
Glad I'm not the only one that read the title wrong. Goodness!

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