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August 17 2016

(SPOILER) Covers & solicitation for Buffy Season 11 #1. The first issue of season 11 is out on November 23rd.

Wow, that one cover is awesome with all the big bads sprawled around Buffy's feet!
Loved that cover! Interesting, Buffy and Spike now working for the police?!
Anything about Angel and Faith?
One of the men lying unconscious at Buffy's feet on the Moline "deleted scene" cover looks like it might be SPIKE. Come to think of it, the OTHER unconscious guy at Buffy's feet kinda reminds me of ANGEL....

Also, what's that large blue pendant Buffy's wearing?

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@mjkbk I think that cover is the 'special 30th anniversary variant by Fray artist Karl Moline' so I think it is just supposed to be an array of big bads that Buffy has faced, as @a little pez witch suggests. The 'deleted scenes' is said to be on the variant covers from RI and CG which sounds as if that is intended as a season wide theme for those covers. The one RI has done here (Buffy and Spike wearing police badges around their necks investigating some gruesome murders), is simply that for the first issue.
Other than the Buffy 12-issue long main series and the teased Giles mini-series confirmed at SDCC, other S11 tie-in, including possible Angel title are all TBA. We might hear more news in two months during NYCC.

BTW, just for note, Serenity: No Power in the 'Verse #2 is also solicited for this month.
I noticed too the blue pedant that Buffy's wearing. Reminds me the Anyanka pedant. Could this be related to a vengeance demon?
The outfit on the Moline anniversary cover matches what she is wearing in the final battle as seen in #29. She is wearing a pendant already then, granted it isn't as big but it is on her in the last issue.
I believe the dead Big Bads are: the Master, Angel, Drusilla, Spike, Mayor Wilkins, Jonathan, Warren, Glory, Adam, Caleb, Twilight, and Simone. With D'Hoffryn soon to be added to the pile, I guess.

Interesting that Angel and Spike are there, being former Big Bads who became allies, but Dark Willow and Andrew are not.
Think that's Severin not Johnathan.Dark Willow and Johnathan weren't 'defeated' by Buffy in the typical sense of the others.

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