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August 17 2016

Marvel's Runaways will be a tv series on Hulu. Joss had a run on the comic book back in 2007-2008.

I'm surprised it isn't on Netflix! Still, fantastic news!
Fred_Sonja: It wouldn't add any subs for Netflix but it might for Hulu. Its pretty clear Netflix is not likely to add anything new from Marvel unless something else is removed.
I just mean that Hulu is a competitor to Netflix, right? And Marvel has all of its other shows on Netflix. It seems like an odd choice for them to break their trend, is all. But hey, maybe Netflix is totally cool with it, and maybe Hulu was just offering more money? Idk! But I think it seems unlikely that Netflix would turn down a proposed Marvel show when they've been so successful thus far. I'm not sure what you mean by your last comment; they have a set plan for the next year or so with already established shows and rights, but they've already added in a Punisher spinoff show, so they're obviously open to adding new Marvel shows to their roster. And once the Defenders has wrapped up, I'm assuming they'll be more flexible. Just sayin', seems like an odd decision, but not on Hulu's end.
1 Joss directed episode please, thank you.
Marvel is going to have shows in 4 networks. But yeah, it's surprising it isn't on Netflix.
I guess we've arrived at the point where I have to pay another premium subscription fee for each show I want to watch. I don't torrent, but I certainly understand why people do.
I don't know enough about Runaways to know whether it falls on the Disney side of Marvel (Avengers, Netflix, etc.) or the Fox side (X-Men) - i.e. whether it'll be considered part of the MCU or not. Anyone able to fill us in?

Ricardo - five networks actually. Along with ABC, Netflix, and Hulu, there's also upcomers Legion on FX and Cloak and Dagger on ABC Family/Freeform. The former is part of Fox's X-Men property, but the latter will apparently be part of the MCU as well.
Thanks Matt. I knew about the FX one but totally forgot about Cloak and Dagger.

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Where did you see that it would be an animated series, Jjsquid? I haven't seen that referenced anywhere else...
I guess I'd just gotten that impression because all the pictures I've seen associated with it were from the comic or drawn. I'll retract and delete my prior comment.
(I do have it on good authority that they will not be using a real deinonychus.)
Matt7325, Runaways is owned by Disney and will be part of the MCU. One of the main characters is a mutant, but I imagine they will just make a little change and make her an inhuman or give her a new way to have gotten her powers.

As far back as 2008 Marvel Studios was talking about making Runaways movie, with various different scripts written and discussions on who would direct. However, that all went on the backburner in 2010 in order for Marvel to focus on the Avengers.

I'm glad that it's coming back as a tv show, as I think it would work better as a tv show than a movie. As I think it would work better as long form over a season of episodes, rather than cramming everything into 2+ hours. Even before Joss did a run on the comic, the series felt like there was a huge influence from Buffy. I remember reading about Brian K. Vaughan talking about Buffy being an influence but don't remember if he specifically referenced it for Runaways.

As for why it isn't on Netflix, I'm going to guess that there is a limit to how many Marvel shows they can handle at once. With them confirming Punisher, that's 6 different Marvel series at Netflix, all of which might have or might be renewed for 2nd or 3rd seasons. Also Runaways I imagine will be very different in tone than the gritty Netflix Marvel series.
I'm very excited to see this. I loved the comics, and I was waiting for the movie adaptation, but I also think it will work better as a tv series.

And Hulu should be a good place for this show. I just wish Brian K. Vaughan could be involved in it.
Marvel Netflix shows have a very specific tone and it's quite possible they (Netflix, Marvel or both) don't want to mix that brand with a show with a (presumably) different tone aimed at a younger audience.
Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are great choices for co-showrunners. The O.C. was fantastic, at least during Seasons 1 and 4.

Funny, moving and and filled with likable characters (minus Mischa Barton's Marissa Cooper) that are far more complex than they all first appear (minus Mischa Barton's Marissa Copper) that form the best found family outside of a Mutant Enemy series (eventually, thankfully, minus Mischa Barton's Marissa Cooper).

And Seth Cohen is still probably the most well-rounded fictional geek in TV history. *glares at The Big Bang Theory*

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@Effulgent-I think you are correct that the tone does not fit the current Netflix/Marvel model & @Matt_Fabb- I agree that Netflix is full
up on Marvel atm. Additional series would be costly and would not add much in the way of either new subs or retention of current ones. |
Reality check: Few people can afford to buy subscriptions to an endless number of streaming services. Eventually we have to buy groceries and pay our utility bills.

I want to see this series, but if I've drawn the line at paying to watch the new Star Trek on CBS All Access, I'm not falling for this, either. I read all the comics. That will have to do until it becomes available for general viewing. At my age, I may be dead by then!
They have these amazing things called 30 day free trials.
Not surprised that it didn't go to Netflix. Was almost expecting this to be lined-up for Freeform, if Cloak and Dagger is successful, turns out with a better outcome, independent of how that goes.
Hulu has been investing in original content, despite still not getting a distinct identity for what they do. Although still curious how costly they can go, unlike Netflix they are in very few markets, will they just re-sell distribution rights to the other countries like what they've been doing anyway for their previous original productions or will we finally see the platform get a decent worldwide expansion to some other major markets.
Reality check: Few people can afford to buy subscriptions to an endless number of streaming services. Eventually we have to buy groceries and pay our utility bills.

Very true. I'm surprised nobody is offering bundle packages for all of these streaming and premium channels. Pay one monthly price on an a-la-carte menu to get HBO, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime content, Starz, Showtime, CBS All Access etc. at a substantial discount from buying them separately.
"Very true. I'm surprised nobody is offering bundle packages for all of these streaming and premium channels. Pay one monthly price on an a-la-carte menu to get HBO, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime content, Starz, Showtime, CBS All Access etc. at a substantial discount from buying them separately."

Speaking as a Canadian, this isn't as great as it sounds. Bundling just encourages extra fees and they could even pull only having old episodes on streaming but expect you to pay (tiered) cable prices for new content. Officially speaking to get Game of Thrones live here you're probably paying $120 a month minimum with cable cost, rental equipment fee, plus 'premium' fee' for access to HBO which also forced you to get TMN. The streamer here for HBO is actually just a Canadian reseller and not actually HBO itself and since they are sole-sourced they only have completed shows like The Sopranos up for streaming and the tech isn't even that good anyway. Most believe its main purpose is just to get stuff away from Netflix and not actually win customers over. For this I'm officially going to have to hope one of the 3 Canadian cable companies picks it up since I don't workaround for Hulu.

A few months ago our equivalent to the FCC required the cable companies to have ala carte 'skinny basic' packages for $25 a month. They did, with equipment fees that doubled or tripled the price, and half the channels in skinny basic were in French. Adding more channels was with a fee of course.
This proliferation of pay sites is going to work against the whole system, though. I'm already paying for HBO just to watch Game of Thrones. Upcoming shows I want to watch include American Gods (Starz), the new Star Trek series (CBS All Access), and Runaways (Hulu Plus). And that doesn't even count Netflix, which I don't have but which seems to contain at least half of the talked-about series now.

I would have to pay a separate monthly fee to see all of those shows, in addition to the ~$250 I pay for my three-in-one cable package. Can't afford it.

And that's why people torrent.
Yeah but you have HBO Now right? Still way better then us. A few of the services will flounder but yes they won't be able to ever totally stop torrenting. Oh yeah, Canada is the only country in the world where the new Star Trek is going to be at least partly tied to a cable subscription too. Same people that run GoT here by the way.
But a subscription to Netflix or Hulu is so much better than a cable subscription. You can cancel it or pick it up at any time with the click of a button. It's not like you have to hold on to your subscription after you binge all the episodes of the shows you want. If I'm enjoying a show, I don't spend more than a month watching it and 10-15 dollars is cheaper than a boxset.
I pay for HBO, Showtime, Starz, netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu plus. When any of those services don't have shows on that I am currently watching, I make one phone call and cancel them then pick them back up when they do have content I want. So I'm never paying for them all at the same time. Except for Prime which I totally get my money's worth from on shipping. That being said my very expensive cable, lightning fast cable internet and streaming bill every month is way less than $200. Seems like a bargain for me since I consume so much TV and Internet.
One other thing not being mentioned yet is that Hulu has essentially thrown in the towel on the original ad supported
premise for streaming content. A big raspberry to America's advertisers is past due imo for not supporting this.
I'm beginning to see a little bundling. Hulu runs commercials about getting Showtime through Hulu. I haven't looked into it enough to see if it is a reasonable deal or not.
I'm quite clueless about, "The Runaways". Yeah, I live in a cave.

Could someone fill us in?
@Madhatter: The Runaways is a Brian K. Vaughan creation for Marvel Comics. It follows a group of super-powered teens who discover their parents make up an evil organization called the Pride. The stories are very good, and are not separate from the rest of the Marvel universe. After BKV stopped his run writing the stories, Joss wrote a series of Runaways stories.

I would love to see it as a TV series. It lends itself well to it, but I'm in the same boat as Andrew Crossett, paying for cable with HBO, SHO, STARZ, EPIX, etc., plus Amazon Prime (which I rarely use for TV shows or movies), and Netflix (which I got, because one of the stars of Orange is the New Black is a friend of mine). I can't opt out of Netflix, even when they have no new content, because aside from me, there are 5 other people in my family that rely on the subscription being there at all times. I have HBO for Game of Thrones (again, several of my kids rely on the ability to stream it on demand), and the other premium channels are bundled in with the HBO sub, so I can't reduce the cost by getting rid of them.

The end result is I pay A LOT of money out to be able to access one or two shows on particular services. The exponential growth of series to lure people into forking over more money for yet another streaming service is becoming too much.
I LOOOOOVE The Runaways!!! Yay! But I'm not sure if Hulu has had a good original series, so i'm a little nervous. I thought 11/23/62 was kind of terrible. :( Also, this is the first I'm hearing about Cloak and Dagger! Super-cool!

ETA: Hmm, the fact that Gossip Girl creators are show-running gives me more confidence. That was a well-done show, at least for the first two or three seasons.

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I dont think the quality of other Hulu series is a sign of quality for Runaways. All Marvel series are produced by ABC productions/Marvel televison.

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