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August 19 2016

Ben Edlund talks about the new The Tick pilot for Amazon Prime and the Whedon influence on his career. Include fun story about him mistaking Tim for Joss. On the obscure side of things Titan A.E. is also mentioned.

I watched it. I liked it. It's *really* different from the last version of "The Tick", but it's good. I can absolutely see the influences that he talks about in this interview.
It's The Tick The Pilot on The Amazon Prime and The Ben Edlund is The Talking about it.
According to TV Tropes Ben's 90s' Tick cartoon, former Tick cartoon writer Christopher McCulloch/"Jackson Publick"'s The Venture Bros. and Dr. Horrible all take place in the same fictional universe, with Dr. Horrible being a live-action depiction of this mostly animated shared universe.

So...have Joss, Ben, or Christopher/"Jackson" ever confirmed this? Or is TV Tropes talking out its butt here?

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