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August 20 2016

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 11 things we need from Season 11. With Season 10 coming to a close this month, Comic Book Resources brings out their wishlist for the next Season.

I'm on board with "Buffy and Spike Forever," "Vampires," and "Andrew needs to cut the crap." I would also add "More Show, Less Tell," because Gage has a horrible habit of talking down to his readers and explaining what the characters are feeling, what the latent metaphor is, and what the reader should make of it.
I'd also like to see more of the Slayers too.

And Angel and Faith of course, also, yes to a vampire villain like Sunday. She was awesome.

Also, some mention of Wes and Cordelia, damn it.

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I couldn't disagree more with this article. More Angel? I think we have seen too much of him and I am sick of him at this point. Bring Tara? We know her soul is at peace and they should leave her, like Willow wanted and decided. Billy back? He is not that interesting to me, but maybe he could hook up with Andrew. Smaller Big bad? I think in season 10 we had just that, so please bring the good old Big ones. More characters and slayers? It is already too much and I don't care for Buffy's ex roommates and especially other Slayers. Yawn. No vampires? I am rereading S10 and there are plenty vamps, the new vampires are present throughout the season, there is also Vicky, Harmony, Dracula, and of course Angel and Spike. What we need from future seasons would be Joss to write a few issues :) And also, it would be great to see those Drusilla comics that were supposed to come out.
Since both Buffy And Angel belong to Dark Horse, I feel it's such a waste of opportunities to have had so little crossovers between the 2 titles.

At this point, I'm barely interested in season 11... Both current seasons were really underwhelming.

I'll wait news about Angel and will see. I don't necessarily want him to be back in the Buffy title, especially if it's just to write him in reaction to Buffy/Spike.
Angel doesn't need to stay in Magic Town anymore. The people out there (maybe with Faith staying) can handle it themselves now.
He needs to come back to the US, to his son! And Gunn is still out there too. Same as Lorne...

So far, for me, the only comics story that was worth my money, is still Angel After The Fall...
I really don't agree with this article.

Angel does not fit into Buffy's life after having killed Giles in season 8, and I really would not like any more love triangle-stuff right now. Buffy is finally in an adult relationship.

Death needs to matter. The biggest mistake in the comics is the constant return of dead characters. The Master, "Anya", Jonathan, Warren, Giles and possibly Xander. Tara is and should stay dead!

"Buffy and Spike Forever" should not be the focus of next season at all. This season has been really Spuffy heavy, and a nice and mature relationship is needed at this point. I hope their relationship continues without too much drama, which may not be so interesting plotwise.

No more Billy, please. He has not deserved a spot on the team and was kind of stuffed down out throats. A character need to be developed more before taking centre stage.

More characters/more slayers? Are you kidding me?! There are so many characters already. Only bring in new characters, if they are needed in the stories.

Dawn and Xander has grown on me, and I'm rooting for them! They both deserve happiness and seem right for each other though my first thought of them as a couple was "yack".

Andrew does need to cut the crap.
I disagree with many elements of this list.

1)I won't lie,I'm a B/A shipper so yes I would like to see more of Angel in BTVS.I would also love to see more interaction between the Angel chracters and Buffy ones.Both the classic ones from the show(Gunn,Connor,Fred/Illyria) and newer characters created in the comics.

2)No,I don't want to see Tara brought back(other than a flashback if the story warrants it).Too many dead characters get brought back and as much as I love Tara,I do not want to see more dead characters return.

3)Again,I'm a B/A fan and don't enjoy spuffy at all,so I do want to see an eventual end/breakup in season 11 since we aren't getting one in season 10.

4)I would be fine with Billy showing up again if the story calls for it.

5)One of the elements I liked in season 8 was a more large cosmic threat.I didn't have a problem with things going smaller in season 9,although I thought season 9 was weak as a whole, and season 10.But I do like the idea that we are going big again for season 11 while keeping it to a tight 12 issues.It's one of things I thought worked for Angel After The Fall(although that did expand issues).

6)On more characters,again,it goes back to if it works for the story IMO.

7)A lot will depend on this week's issue 30,but I really did like Xander/Dawn.If certain things happen(and given my feelings on death in the verse,I actually hope it doesn't but expect it will),I would be quite happy seeing Xander and Dawn rekindled.

8)I agree to a degree about Vampires but after season 9,I'm not expecting a vampire big bad at this point.

9)One of the big surprises of season 10 for me is that Gage has made me like a character I couldn't stand this season in Andrew.Season 10 is the first time I've enjoyed Andrew.If that continues in season 11,then that will be great.

10)I agree about separating the Scoobies.It's been done several times on the show and the comics.

11)On slayers,I once again go back to,if it serves the story.I would like to see Nadira pop over to Buffy though actually(going back to #1 above).
At this point, I think they should bring back Sunnydale somehow. It is really missing that setting. Sunnydale felt grounded while also allowing them to do stuff with the hellmouth.
I realized I'd love to see Wolfram and Hart have a presence again. Angel took down their LA branch and there's been no repercussions. W&H still exist.

Lilah is still kicking about, which makes me wonder if Wes isn't in some Hell dimension being made to use his knowledge against his will. I just really miss Wes and with Illyra and Fred back again, there's potential for a really good arc.

Also I'm one of those odd ducks who like both Spuffy and Bangel. With that being said, I'm glad for Spike and Buffy, and would like to see Angel move on as well. (Plus, Jealous Buffy is always fun.)
IS After The Fall still canon? Or did they erase that with time travel gobbley gook?
Andrew has already cut the crap. He turned down an offer from Archaeus to turn against his friends, and then he turned down a similar offer from D'Hoffryn and Jonathan even when he thought his friends didn't like him. And I'm pretty sure he's learned his lesson about stuff like putting Buffy in a robot body without asking first.

Seasons 9 and 10 both had smaller "Big Bads" and we've already been told they're going big again for season 11. With only 12 issues to work with, I doubt they will bring in many extraneous characters... although they may need everybody for the Big Final Battle, whatever that is.

I think Wolfram & Hart will play a significant role in season 11. There had to be some reason for that business with Lilah and following Dawn... they've now found their way back to our world. Whether that plays out in the Buffy comic or the Angel comic remains to be seen.

I would like to see more of the other Slayers. But instead of Buffy leading a big Slayer army I'd like to see her with a smaller team... say, Kennedy, Satsu, Leah, Rowena and Anaheed.

I have to say that with all of the dead characters from the TV shows who have come back in one way or another, Fred was the only one I was really itching to see return. They've made it repeatedly clear why Tara isn't coming back, but at this point she's almost like the Designated Non-Returner. They've chosen to make the veil between life and death pretty thin in this story, so I guess they have to live with that. Willow and Tara are kind of like an ex-couple who have 20 mutual friends on Facebook but somehow never talk to each other.
There's a couple of points in the article I agree with, but a couple of others make me want to gouge my eyes out already.
What I want for season 11:

Better writing.

Which means less spoon-feeding the audience, less on-the-nose lines, less characters constantly talking as if they're at a self help seminar.

And that would necessarily mean someone else writing, rather than Gage. No Chambliss, either, please. Can't they get some of the Buffy or Angel TV writers? It doesn't seem like Joss is interested in writing for Buffy comics anymore, but how about one of the other writers? I know they're all busy with their current TV shows, but maybe at least for an issue or two? Or could they get some good comics writers like Brian K. Vaughn again? Good writing *minus Brad Meltzer) is what made season 8 so much more interesting than seasons 9 and 10.
TimeTravelingBunny- I would give my left toe to see Gail Simone write Buffy comics. I think she'd nail it.

Christopher Golden should really write Angel again. His take on the character was awesome and he wasn't afraid to play with a vampire who was the most vile ever that was reforming. One thing that pissed me off about ATS, after the first season, they were starting to shy away from how evil Angelus had been. Like retconnng to make Darla the ring leader when we'd been shown otherwise on Buffy.
Honestly, I just want more Angel & Faith with Cage and Isaacs back on the book

I'm not that invested in Buffy and her gang anymore, but the Angel/Faith relationship is always interesting to me.

I also would like to see a Fray series.

I guess I'm more interested in the other major slayer characters (Fray/Faith) than I am Buffy at this point.
@TimeTravelingBunny - yes to EVERYTHING you just said. As a Buffy fan, I really want to love the comics. But the dialogue just kills me. It reads like fan fiction. Honestly, I thought I was the only one who cringed at this. There's the occasional moment of subtlety, but those are few and far between.

The issue where Giles reverts to his former age for a day was the best of the season, imo.
I'd love for Tara to come back. It would return Willow to the story and be tremendously resonant for a great many people. None of the rest means much to me.
As much as i love Buffy. And i agree with some on the list while others i don't. I think they should end the series with season 12. Have Wolfram and Hart bring the biggest baddest apocalypse.
If they end the series, then I want Faith: the Vampire Slayer season 1

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