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August 24 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #30. It's the season finale!

The maneki neko member of the new council is the best thing ever. I squealed a little in delight.

D'Hoffryn dying is kind of a big deal for the Buffyverse! Wow. Totally evil, but he was fun over the years..

Might be in the minority, but.. I gotta give two big yays to Xander/Dawn giving it another go and getting a Riley appearance.

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Liked season 10 a bunch. As always, I imagine it will be much more enjoyable when reading again in a quick succession.

Probably should catch up on Angel & Faith...
I'm really excited in the direction the finale seems to be taking the Scoobies. It's funny, because for just a second I was thinking "Is this going to be Parks & Rec & Slaying?" I'm most excited that Dracula has returned. I've always found him to be one of the most invigorating additions to the comics. I hope to see more of him in the next season. And gods willing, the Powers-that-Be will one day hit me up to write "Joss Whedon's Dracula". Season 10 seemed to bring in the focus on our core group and I am glad that's a tradition that will continue. I'm enjoying the progress of Buffy and Spike and I feel like there are a lot of new places that relationship can go that we've never seem Buffy go to before. Nice to see the gang working together, too. Friendships do have their rocky turns, but let's keep the gang running strong for now on. Great season!
I finally got my copy of Buffy # 30 yesterday."Own It" Part V of V and the conclusion of season 10.

I don't really have much to say.Things played out as I much suspected.

I have a confession to make.I alluded to this in my thoughts on issue 29.I've pretty much knew Xander and Dawn would get back together for over a year and half.And as consequence figured Xander would be fine(I know most suspected he would be fine too based on it being a cliffhanger end to issue 29 but I figured based on info I had from over a year and a half ago).

Back when issue 12 was coming out,I emailed Scott Allie to wish him well since he was being promoted to Editor and Chief of Dark Horse and issue 12 was his last issue as editor of the Buffyverse.In his response he made mention that,"[I]The plan we had for Xander and Dawn is really beautiful. I hope they donít change it, I hope they pull it off.[/I]"

At the time,that to me pretty much indicated that Xander and Dawn would re-connect and get back together by the end of the season.And that played out with there adventure in the other dimension and them getting back together in this issue.

And I am glad to see them back together and they even got around "killing" Xander and bringing another character back by revealing he wasn't killed ut Ghosted for a bit.

As for the rest,I really liked how D'Hoffryn finally got taken out.And I do like the setup of the gang now taking charge of the book of magic.

Probably the only thing I didn't care for was the continuation of spuffy but I already knew it would be so nothing unexpected there.

So it was a pat happy ending but I enjoyed it.

Overall,despite the spuffy(which for me admitly is a big demerit),I thought season 10 of Buffy was way better then season 9.My opinion of season 9 and 10 is basically,The Angel & Faith side of season 9 ran rings around of the Buffy side and it was vice versa for season 10 although I did like Angel & Faith this season,it was nowhere near as strong as season 9.

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