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August 29 2016

The 10 best times TV shows completely swapped genres. Number 1 will be no surprise. But does Number 3 really count as 'swapping genres'?

I guess it went from a SciFi drama to a post-apocalytic SciFi drama, so... does that count as changing genres? Maybe changing sub-genres?
Both amazing episodes.
Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are in my top 10 favorite episodes of all time.
Kudos to io9 for remembering A Day in the Life, a gentle, good humored episode that reflected upon the fact that a lot of living goes on in between the "great moments of history".

But I do need to remind them of The Bitter Suite, an opera with nine original songs which also combined to provide a Tarot Reading for the show's characters.
Trying to argue which of these extraordinary works is better, is an effort better left for future generations.
But the first of the two Xena musical episodes did pre-date Once More With Feeling by 3 years and 9 months.
Well, musical episodes have been around for a long time. The earliest one I can find with a quick internet search is from Northern Exposure in 1993, but I'm sure there were others before that.

My impression is that they didn't want to flood the list with musicals, so they picked their favorite.
Epitaph One is in the spirit of those great episodes in Babylon 5 were you get glimpses of what is to come. It's an epic episode.
Great list. Not going to quibble with it, because it recalls some of the episodes of a number of series that were truly enjoyable.
The otherwise-average syndicated SUPERFORCE series - which took itself WAY too seriously - had a great change-genre episode in which the main character hit his head and found that he was now in a sitcom... complete with laugh-track!
Babylon 5 had two or three episodes that could have been in there. "The illusion of truth" and "A view from the gallery" come to mind.

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