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August 29 2016

'Grimm' to end after Season 6. The show was created by Mutant Enemy alum David Greenwalt (Buffy, Angel) and Jim Kouf (Angel).

I stopped watching it in the middle of last season. Which, I felt was longer than it deserved. I really wanted to like it but it just never came together. David Guintoli (as Nick Burkhart) was always very wooden and not compelling at all. Didn't like when Fred turned into Illyria.. err, I mean, when Juliet turned into Eve. Nor did I care for the whole love triangle with Nick, JuliEve and Adeline.. It was ponderous at best.

However, I would watch a show about Rosalee and Monroe. I liked those two a lot more than anyone else on the show... Oh, and Wu, he was cool.
I watched the first episode and then it didn't really grab me. It didn't seem to get talked about much in the circles I lurk in online. But kudos for a network genre show lasting six seasons.
It's weird that it took NBC this long to reach this decision, as it means SDCC2016 could've served as a cast send-off party like it's been for other shows like Orphan Black or Teen Wolf, which either was already known it was going into a final season, or announced during the convention that the upcoming season would be its last.

Definitely, kudos for a genre show on NBC to last this long, considering their previous attempts didn't really pan out. I did keep watching the series, even with the very uneven season 4 and 5, but it did become the show that would leave on, while doing chores, like Supernatural was for me after season 5, until I just dropped that it entirely.
This show, like Angel, took a little while to get going but wound up being really good, once Nick assembled his "Scooby Gang" and the chemistry started working.

I'll be sad to see it go, but it's probably time. I don't want it to run past its expiration date like "Castle" did.
I agree with AndrewCrossett on every point. Glad the show is coming back for one last season. It really did get better as it progressed. Once it's gone, I will have nothing worth watching on NBC.
I'm glad the showrunners know in advance so they can wrap up the storyline. I've enjoyed the show and want it to go out well. Thought David Giuntoli started out wooden but got better quickly (and he was never as bad as David Boreanaz was in his first few episodes of Buffy). My personal hope is Nick and Juliet end up back together, as I always enjoyed them as a couple, even if mine was a minority opinion - at least online. I liked her as the no-drama, supportive partner.
I've always enjoyed Grimm. Nice light Friday night fun genre show. Sometimes enjoyable comfort food TV hits the spot. I'll look forward to seeing how they wrap it up.

Grimm also did a fabulous job of representing Portland, treating the city well and the casts' love for PDX really showed on and off camera.
Cared about it at first (same with OUAT) but eventually it became just a habit, and Agents Of SHIELD started as just a habit. I watch them, but don't care about the stories the way I do on the small number of sitcoms and cop shows I follow, basically 2 & 3 respectively.
I watched the first two seasons...and was still waiting for it to get good. Buffy and Angel were both amazing by season 2, so I kind of gave up on Grimm.
@Angel&Faith Same here. To me it always felt like Angel-Season One: The Series. I've heard that it got a lot better later in its run, but I haven't gotten around to seeing if that's the case yet. So many shows to binge-watch; so little time.
The show got really good in Season 3. The first two seasons stuck too much to the formulaic freak-of-the-week procedural thing that networks want, Season 3 became a bit more serialized, with larger story arcs. The characters became more likeable, and the Grimm Scoobies came into being.
Oddly, my biggest pet peeve with the show is actually that the cast refers to their characters as Scoobies. Every time they use it I scream silently to myself, "You can't take that, Buffy already took that."
You mean the cast outside the show? I've never heard the term "Scoobies" used on the show itself.

Eh, Scooby-Doo had the term before Buffy did, so if anybody has a beef it's Hanna-Barbera. I think it's a useful shorthand term for a group of friends who all contribute to the effort of solving problems or mysteries.
The cast. It might possibly have been used once on the show.

Of course Buffy took it from Scooby-Doo. But as far as I know, they got there first and it drives me batty.
Was the phrase ever used on BtVS aside from Xander's conversation with Cordelia in "What's My Line"?

I think it was more a fannish thing than anything else and since a lot of Grimm fans are also Buffy fans, it's not really surprising. It does fit the situation... and I think the Grimm showrunners probably adopted that dynamic (and saved the show) because it worked so well on BtVS.
The phrase was only used by Xander in "What's My Line." Nobody on the show said it before or since. I don't think Buffy has a trademark associated with it. Since the creators of Grimm were also Mutant Enemy writers/showrunners, I think it's OK if they borrowed it, and had their Xander-like character refer to their grouping as Scoobies.

There were a few Angel alumni who showed up from time to time, most notably Alexis Denisof in his recurring role, and Amy Acker, which almost made it feel like an extension of that series.
I watched until the whole Adeline pregnancy and Juliet is now conveniently evil so Nick and Adeline can be together fiasco. I still miss Monroe and Rosalee though, they were great.
I like Trubel. She reminds me of Faith without quite as much baggage.
I saw Bree Turner's statement about next season being the last on Facebook and it did hit me kind of hard. 13 episodes to wrap up this show does not seem like enough, particularly when you consider the skullduggery Monroe and Nick got into in Germany last season; very interesting stuff. I enjoyed the show immensely for what it was: a fun, inventive take off on old fairy tales and urban legends many of us grew up on, and just enough angst thrown in to make it satisfying. We got an A-Z list of great guest stars, from Alexis to Amy to Dee Wallace, pretty much all genre actors. Reg Cathey was just seen on the genre show Dead of Summer. And some very good acting, comedic and otherwise from Reggie Lee and Silas Weir Mitchell, maybe particularly. Sasha Roiz, who I loved on Caprica had to play the serious guy (Wesen Royal in hiding) most of the time but it was always good to see him. So yeah, good times with suspending my disbelief to buy into shapeshifters in Portland, where I've been back living again for almost 2 years. I imagine there won't be anything to fill the void for some time.

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