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August 30 2016

R.I.P. David Lavery, Whedon scholar . One of the founding board members of the Whedon Studies Association, David wrote and co-authored a number of books and articles about Joss Whedon and his shows and movies. He recently appeared alongside Joss on a radio show about Joss. Whedonesque would like to extend our sympathies to David's family and friends.

I am looking at my bookshelf. On it are well over 40 academic books about Buffy, many of which Dr. Lavery edited, contributed to or in some way helped bring into reality. I am simply shocked right now. I came to love the academic discourse of Buffy, and his scholarship and leadership shone through everything he did. And what is less known is his scholarship in the general area of philosophy. I read many of the comments on the WSA facebook page, and I can only echo what Rhonda Wilcox said: it hurts. It hurts so much. My sympathies to his family and his friends. Know that the two times we communicated are priceless to me.
My deepest condolences to Dr. Lavery's family and friends.
I am deeply saddened at hearing this terrible news. David was a professor of mine when I was a graduate student at what was then Memphis State. His classes were always stimulating and enjoyable but he really came into his own as he became a leading television scholar and probably the foremost Whedon scholar. I feel terrible for those who knew him best. My heart goes out to his wife and daughters, Rhonda Wilcox and his colleagues at the WSA. This is a terrible blow for the academic study of Joss, television and pop culture. I know he had so much more to say. I can't imagine the Slayage conference without him.
Oh wow, he was located right here in Tennessee and I never knew it.

Sorry to hear of his passing. Condolences to his family.
Such sad news! Deepest sympathies to his family and colleagues in the Whedonesque academic world.
I've also read several of Dr.Lavery's papers and I'm very sadden by his passing. He actually had an unique view of "BtVS" which I found spot on.

My best of wishes to his family and loved ones.
So sad to read this news. He spoke at my Unitarian-Universalist church on BtVS's concepts of heaven and hell. He had a great sense of humor.

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