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August 31 2016

Composer Robert Duncan talks about working on Buffy. His score for 'Chosen' is exceptional.

'The Final Fight' is literally my favourite score of all time, it just sends me through so many different emotions when I play it, and it never fails to give me goosebumps.

Does anybody else feel like this could be a movie score? It just seems too 'big' to have been made for TV. I guess that just goes to show how special Buffy was.
@Winchester: I just started humming the melody and suddenly wondered if I was doing LotR music by accident. I wasn't but I agree with your point. It's movie worthy.
@Huschel Haha! I had to research the song when I first heard it, as I assumed it was from a movie and Buffy was just 'borrowing' it. I was completely shocked when I discovered it was an original piece!
It's been used in at least one other show since. Point Pleasant or Tru Calling?

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