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September 03 2016

Clare Kramer guest stars in new 'Star Trek Continues' episode released today. Today is also her birthday!

I'm ashamed to say I didn't even know this was a show.
@Nebula1400 It is only a fan series, done in the style of the 1960s series. No one knows for sure yet, but this may be the last episode due to a new set of decrees from the owners of Trek that include a ban on hiring professional actors. Kramer's episode was filmed just before those rules were released.
I guess this is the thing a friend keeps emailing me about. I've generally ignored the emails, because fan efforts, as valiant as they may be, make me feel like I'm watching someone's private fantasies. Kind of makes me cringe.

Chris Doohan sounds exactly like his father.
Happy Birthday to Clare!
Beyond a few irksome lines here and there, it's actually not a bad show, and Clare is really good in it.
I used to be a TREK fan but these days I am really not anymore. And I thoroughly desipse fan movies/series because 99 percent are really really bad in one way or the other... or all ways. But I have to admit that STAR TREK CONTINUES is actually really good and captures the original very well. This particular episode is not the best though.
I *love* that Clare and Beyonce share the same birthday. Explains a lot!
That's why I resisted watching, Bad Karma. I had watched one fan effort which was irksome, so I assumed the same of this series. While it could use some polishing, so did TOS. This has more things going for it than against it.

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Absolutely Nebula. Believe me, I am a grumpy old man that hates everyone and everything and complains every chance he gets. If I like something, its usually for a good reason.
Professional actors are fine Will.Buche. Actors who have previously appeared in Star Trek (official) are off the table.

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