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September 05 2016

'Found footage' of Ghost Rider. The latest promo for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. really should have turned the phone sideways.

That vocal performance was....interesting
They really phoned that in...

I'll be here all week.
They really aren't doing much to promote season 4, are they?
The promotion for Agents of SHIELD has always been terrible.

Those weird carvings that Couldson started doing at the end of season 1? That was creepy and interesting in the show. Did it make a good billboard? No. It was meaningless to anyone who wasn't already watching.

This video is the same way. Maybe it works in context, but there's no way anyone would look at that and want to watch the show.
Seriously, they want this show to die. ABC is going to be flooded with Shonda Rhimes productions and bad Disney fantasy shows. Agents of SHIELD, flawed as it is, doesn't fit into the cookie cutter production line. Once this show is gone, I'll have no reason to watch anything on the big 3 networks.

Any one of us could have come up with a far more effective and intriguing promo. This POS doesn't even attract me to the show, and my bar is low.
In fairness, I think the promo ABC did really early on was on point - but it went downhill as things went along. Which feels mean to write. Promo, for me, is for people who aren't already going to watch.
Nitpick: Aren't there four big networks?
At some point I suspect networks opt for promotion that is about holding onto a dwindling audience (by reminding them a show is still around and please don't forget) rather than finding new viewers. Sort of like political parties.
b!X, I would say this promo doesn't even do that. It's got the show's logo to remind people that the show exists, but that's it. Attached to that logo is this boring nonsense. This looks more like an effort to convince old viewers to stop watching.
Grack21: Yes, but FOX still isn't on the same prime time schedule as CBS, NBC, and ABC. Its programming ends an hour earlier, and it only puts new shows on Fridays that it intends to cancel. The other three networks still air regular programming on Fridays, and air late night talk shows. FOX does not. Also, aside from its cable news network, does it have a nightly national/world news program like the other three networks?

This is why I tend to think in terms of the big 3 networks.

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@b!x: Well, to be fair, I don't think there would even be a point in trying to get new people to tune in and jump straight into the show. Since mid-to-late season 1, the show has been very serialized and steeped in mythology, so the only good way for new viewers to join would be to go and stream 3 long seasons on Netflix.

I suppose it's possible to draw new Marvel fans who would be interested in Ghost Rider specifically, so they're stressing him in all the promos (as much as there are promos). And I guess you could tune in and not be fully lost, and season 4 may be as good time as any if you want that. It would be, oh so Coulson used to be the Director and now he's not, and Quake used to be in SHIELD but now she's gone rogue for some reason, and these two cute young scientists are now together.

But it just wouldn't be the same without knowing the history of these characters. For instance, late season 3 had a crazy amount of callbacks not just to things earlier in the season but to season 1, and you could have watched it without noticing the latter, but it wouldn't be nearly as rich.
It honestly wouldn't surprise me if this is the final season. Agent Carter is gone, they passed on Most Wanted and Agents of SHIELD will now have the 88 episodes needed for syndication. That godawful "ad" certainly isn't helping matters.
So let's try to enjoy it while it lasts. There will be plenty of Marvel shows on Netflix, and maybe, just maybe somewhere, sometime, we'll get Joss back into creating a show that he actually writes for.

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