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September 08 2016

How cancellation told the story of the Dollhouse. This essay originally appeared in the "Inside Joss' Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum" anthology that came out in 2010.

Good essay! I loved how Dollhouse embraced its own cancellation as permission to burn through a series worth of story in a season.
I didn't know having my article linked at whedonesque was my goal until this happened. :')
(Please don't rip it apart.)
Cool. It was a good essay to link to, thanks.
I still wish we'd had five seasons. *sigh*
I'm really glad that Dollhouse can stand as a complete story now. It makes it a lot easier to recommend to people and look back on outside of the drama of what was going on with the ratings at the time. I think it's interesting that it ended up with two 13-episode seasons, which felt short at the time but are now the standard length of Netflix originals. Probably the main thing I missed from the conclusion was a conflict/reconciliation of Echo and Caroline. I thought we'd need at least a whole episode for that.

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