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September 09 2016

Tony Head talks about missing his family when he played Giles on Buffy. He's currently doing promotional work for his new movie "The Brother" which comes out in the UK next week.

I love the comments - clearly some serious Buffy nerds read the Grauniad. And the praise for Mr Gently Benevolent, one of his other brilliant, iconic roles.
My god, no wonder he would weep while listening to "Highway, Highway"! I was nearly weeping myself as I listened to it. If I'd heard it while my husband was living and working 1,000 miles away, that song would have destroyed me. And he (my husband) was "only" away about half the time!

Anyway, really interesting comments about his family. Sarah is clearly pretty awesome.

I'll have to look again for "Mr Gently Benevolent" - I missed that reference, and don't know what it's about.
I remember how he spoke about missing his family during an interview to the 5th season of BtVS. Understandable considering the man was spending 8 months from home.
It didn't come as a shock when he requested a break from the show.

Antony Head is just a class actor all together, there're few in his league.

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