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April 13 2004

Eliza says she'd love to reprise her role as Faith. About half-way down the page. DarkHorizons claims she indicated this to "Another Source" at WizardWorld Philadelphia.

"...whatever format the Buffy-verse could potentially continue in." : D

Faith, Connor, Xander, Giles, Lorne and Wesley. Cameos by Angel & Spike. In 'Scoobies do it II'.

*I'll get me coat.*
Great news. Facing the possibility of a world without a Whedon show the possibility of the Faith spin off happening could be great. This was the idea they were very clearly developing at the end of BtVS S7 and Ats S4, the whole Faith arc, her feelings and attitude, were being built up and showed that the character, and the actress, is more than capable of handeling the role. And the lack of any mention of what Faith has been up to on recent Angel episodes suggests they are keeping their options open. A flip "..and Faith is living in Fresno with Wood.." would have meant that any new show would HAVE to be set in Fresno with Wood.

But is Tru Calling still going on? Or has she seen the writing on the wall that sugests there may not be a S2?

Strangely, a gap of a year would give the new show a better chance to step out from under the shadow of BtVS. It would be seen as a genuine new show, not just 'Buffy without Buffy'.
Ok, Wizard World is in May so this source is completely full of it unless Eliza was hanging out at an empty convention center in Philly this weekend *grin*
Yeah, the timing of the comment throws me off, too, TaraDi. *sits and muses* "Faith the Vampire Slayer" tv show. That has such a better ring to it than Tru Calling. I was dying for a Faith and Wesley spin off. Former Rogue Slayer and Rogue Demon Hunter...heh heh.
I like the idea of a Faith and Wesley spinoff. Their scenes together last year were so great. Wesley as her dark Watcher was very interesting and they could do a lot with that. I also agree that having the time off between Buffy ending and a new spin off can only help the fans wanting it more. But has Fox definitely not renewed Tru Calling?
hmm, i still think another vampire slayer show is just too much of a buffy wannabe...........

definately would be more interested in say, ripper, or a willow spin-off....those would be awesome and different.....we have already seen a slayer show and a vampire show, why not have a witch or just a regular demon hunter show........

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Yeah I was just going to say that the Wizard World thing isn't until May.....
Actually there has already been a Wizard Con in LA but that also was not last weekend. I don't know. She said it at some point, that's what matters. And I'll watch anything with Faith in it. Any word yet on Tru being renewed? I haven't been paying attention to the ratings of Tru. Did Jason Priestly make a difference?

And...Caroline? You actually added Connor the Brat? Trying to rain on my parade here?;-)

Btw here Dark Horizons mentions that Eliza's latest movie 'Girl Next Door' bombed on opening. (Hey it wasn't alone at least) Am I the only one who didn't even know she was IN that movie??
"the girl next door" is funny, and i dont think i would go as far to say it bombed, it was never going to be ground breaking from the start...........and are we talking "Cuthbert or Dushku here"????????

[ edited by norman on 2004-04-13 19:04 ]
I thought that was Elisha Cuthbert in "The Girl Next Door". Didn't hear anything about Eliza being in it.
yeah thats what i said above.....she is not in it, only elisha cuthbert
I'll still hold out for a spinoff with Spike and Faith. Now that would be a kicking butt duo. No Wood though...he was boring from the beginning....and Wes is too stuffy. Wes could be the mastermind I guess but let Spike and Faith have the action.
Wes is too stuffy? Wes shoots people randomly and stabs his friends...
I love it...quoting her at an event that hasn't even happened! Their "source" must be prescient ;)
Wesley would be a great spin off character. He is one of my all time favorite Buffyverse characters!
Well I think this is just a rehash from statements she has made on numerous interviews and talk shows this year when asked, she has always said she was open to appearing on Angel as a guest star if they could work out the scheduling. Esspecially since Tru is filmed in Canada and Angel is filmed in Hollywood. And Wizard World Philly is not until May 22.
I think a Faith/Wes spinoff would be fantastic. One area of Wes that hasn't been explored is how he would handle the semi-paternal role of Watcher that he bungled so badly in Buffy S3. Wes's nature is to do anything to serve the common good, even if his interpretation of the common good can, occasionally, be nearsighted and even warped.

Dark Watcher... I like the sound and feel of that.
ditto blwessels, Wesley has become one of my favorite characters as well! Why hasn't Joss made any mention of Ripper? Hopefully he can wrap up pre-production work for Firefly and begin a BBC series with ASH!
Without a doubt, in my opinion Spike and Wesley are the most interesting characters in the Buffyverse and the ones with best story arcs. They'd have to be my first choice for a spin-off with Faith. And who doesn't like the idea of Wes the Dark Watcher...? ; )
Faith spin-off? Count me in!

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