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September 12 2016

Tim Minear lands new showrunning job on Ryan Murphy's "Feud". Technically a co-showrunner on the new anthology program that will begin with the story of Joan Crawford and Betty Davis' rivalry.

Oh cool, this has a fab cast.
"Minear’s series credits include Drive and The Inside — which he co-created — Terriers and Firefly."

The most anyone's written about the brilliant The Inside in ages. Still bitter that that never got a DVD release (and Terriers but The Inside even moreso).
Oh this looks wonderful. That cast is unbelievable. Stanley Tucci? Wow! Go TIm!
Sigh. I was hoping he'd get away from Ryan Murphy after American Horror Story. One more thing I won't watch.
Now I know that is going to be jaw-droppingly great. Tim Minear will go there. He practically lives there. There is definitely where he writes.
Why does it have to be a Ryan Murphy show? I hate what the man does to his shows. I will most likely not be watching this one. I hope Tim does something without Murphy next.
@guidedby and @Liam12 To be fair, if it's anything like Nip/Tuck, Glee and (potentially) American Crime Story the rest of the series will suck, but the first season will be really, really good. And if it's anything like Firefly, Drive, Wonderfalls, The Inside and Terriers it might not last beyond the first season anyway. This might be a match made in showrunning heaven.

Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alfred Molina and Stanley Tucci?! Holy crap, dude! That's a great cast. Good for Tim.
I would like to make a distinction between the stuff Ryan Murphy writes (Glee, AHS) that is sometimes good but uneven, and the stuff he directs but does not write (People vs. OJ), which can be amazing. A cursory look at IMDB leaves me confused as to which category "Feud" falls into. Murphy is listed as writer on "unknown episodes," but Michael Zam and Jaffe Cohen are credited for all eight.

Anyway, congrats to Tim. I'm happy for him.

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