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September 21 2016

Drew Goddard talks about "The Good Place" and "Defenders". He directed the pilot and is an executive producer on the new NBC Series.

By the way, I watched the first two episodes of The Good Place and really enjoyed it.
I wasn't sure about The Good Place, but I have to admit, (and I'm sure this says ungood things about me), but I nearly died laughing when he kicked the dog into the sun. I mean... come on. COME ON! That was hilarious.
I've only seen the first episode, but really enjoyed it. The premise reminds me of the short-lived Selfie, in which a good guy tries to help a self-absorbed colleague become a better person.
The Good Place had a good start. I'm curious to watch more.
Will need to check this out - Parks & Rec is on my Top 10 TV comedy list, so with the same creative team and that concept I gotta like my chances of enjoying it

Interesting comment on Cabin - sounds like no sequel is even close to getting greenlit, which is fine by me. Thought it made for a perfectly self contained little (epic) story. No need to muddy the waters with prequel/sequel/reboot nonsense
Right. Seems like Cabin's ending kind of precluded a sequel. Unless I missed something.

Looking forward to seeing The Good Place, but why does it have to be on Thursdays, when I'm always busy?!
I liked the first two episodes... it was funny in a subtle way. More like Pushing Daisies than Big Bang Theory.

My favorite moment was when Ted Danson's character forced himself to eat unflavored frozen yogurt to punish himself for screwing up.

The third episode is on tonight, which is a mistake... people don't expect shows to be on twice in the same week, and a lot of people are going to miss it.
I enjoyed The Good Place too. It felt fresh which is not something I expect to see on network tv these days.

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