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September 22 2016

Rolling Stone's 100 greatest TV shows of all time. With that title you know Joss is going to be in there. The real surprise is, only once? (Number 37 if you don't want to click through). As with all such rankings, your mileage may vary. Mine certainly does.

Ugh, that list is a bizarre combination of some truly great TV shows and some really overrated crap. And the order is so random. Buffy no higher than 38, but freaking Game of Thrones at 12? Although I was already horrified at the idea that they'll put it in the top 10 or even top 5, because the level of hype for that show is still so high, even after the steaming pile of BS that the last two seasons were, which proved what utter hacks Benioff and Weiss are. "One of the most compellingly realistic dramas on the air" - LOL, I can't stop laughing. And why are they quoting Martin talking about his book series, when the show has utterly FUBARed his story and characters and made it all a complete thematic opposite of what the book series is?
It should be against the law to ignore "Babylon 5" while doing a list like this.
Actually, there were at least three other shows in the list with a Whedon connection:
- Rosanne, where Joss got his start in television as a Staff Writer. He was Story Editor for eighteen episodes and was credited as Writer with four episodes.
- The Office, where Joss directed two episodes.
- Golden Girls where Joss's father, Tom Whedon, was Writer for nine episodes and Co-Executive/Supervising Producer for several seasons.
I can't take any list like this seriously if Buffy and Angel aren't both in the top 10
I can't take any list from Rolling Stone seriously, but Buffy that low and I love Lucy not in the top 10? Cmon.

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