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September 25 2016

Agents of SHIELD Season 4 premiere gains significantly in Live+3 ratings. "In its debut in its new later time slot, the comic book drama rose +82% over its L+SD rating, marking its largest L+3 increase ever for any single telecast."

The L+3 rating here is where we ended last year in the L+7's so that at least is an improvement. What it says to me is that the existing audience is sticking with the show but some of them are switching to time delayed viewing which was to be expected.

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Unless something changes this will be my only post on ratings. I thought that with the time slot change people would want to know at least a little something.
This makes sense to me. I've switched to viewing it the day after.
Sometimes I end up viewing it 4 weeks later. My wife and I are just too tired after getting the kids to bed to be able to stay up and watch it. We do end up getting around to it though.

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