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September 26 2016

(SPOILER) Angel Season 11 announced. Ahead of NYCC16, Angel's season 11 title is announced including covers, preview pages and an interview with the new writer.

Like Buffy, it will be a 12 issue run.

Was on my way post the same thing!
Glad this is happening, though sad to lose Faith as a key character.

I wasn't a huge fan of either the writing or art last season, so, while I don't know the work of the incoming writer or artist I'm happy there's going to be a change.
Interesting it's also only 12 issues long, just like BtVS. Which means 2 Volumes for the trade-waiters.

Now, I'm hoping to hear some news about S10 Library Editions during NYCC.

Regarding the lack of Faith, maybe with the shorter issue count of each series, means we might get more titles, so Spike, Willow and maybe Faith, will getting their own solo series during the season.

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That Angel cover aint half a nod to Lestat.
That's an excellent Angel cover! Love me some trench coats.

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